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Hello everyone!!

It gives me immense pleasure to experience reading some wonderful authors and then penning my thoughts in the form of Fiction and Poems.

I still remember the day when I started blogging and eventually took to reading fictions around a year and a half ago, somewhere around September, 2012. Time flew by, with Me enriching myself with stories of vivid description with a strong penchant for penning Haiku. 

But that pleasure gets multiplied four folds when you see your story PRINTED along with your Name. Trust me there is no bigger satisfaction then seeing your name in print, getting your stories and poem published that too in a short span of time, isn't it? Although there is a long way to climb but success achieved even though as little as an atom gets merrier when it is shared with peers.

So, listed below are few of the paperbacks in which yours truly, Rohan Kachalia is being published:

1) Minds @ Work 2 by First Step Publishing

2) "I" - An Anthology by First Step Publishing

3) A Poem in an E-Magazine "Writer's Ezine"

4) The Orange Frame Literary Review - TOFLR by BecomeShakespeare.Com 

Where a series of Haiku on various topics have been published in the June issue of TOFLR.

5) Secrets of Souls by Rigi Publication

Other Upcoming Books:-

1) Salt & Pepper


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