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Friday, 31 July 2015

We all know that ours is a highly populous country. We find people wherever we go. Or rather make that a crowd wherever we go. By our human tendency and most probably because of our nature, we often try to run faraway and as quickly as possible away from the crowd. However, there is one huge crowd that gathers and it is none other than the place we call it as 'The Kumbh Mela'.

Recently, I got a wonderful opportunity to virtually be present at the Kumbh Mela which took place in the year 2013 at Allahabad. I got to view a documentary film, 'Conversations at The Kumbh Mela' and the film definitely changed my perspective about the Kumbh Mela.

I always thought that people simply visit the Kumbh Mela to wash off the sins committed by them in their lifetime by having one dip in the river Ganga and asking for forgiveness. But, the documentary proved to be an eye opener for me.

The documentary for a once doesn't even go on the tested lines, depicting the crowd, the struggles, the long queues, the not so clean bank of the river and the surroundings. Instead, it talks about the total chaos and how the authorities there manage with the support of thousands of policemen and good Samaritans who choose to donate time, help, food etc. The documentary starts with the main reason as to why the importance of Kumbh Mela and how it was started. The story behind it based on old facts dated centuries ago threw light on the importance and how it has evolved over time.

The documentary 'Conversations at The Kumbh Mela' is basically an attempt to capture the 'not so seen' areas and aspects that goes in a Kumbh Mela as compared to other documentaries and films on The Kumbh Mela. What did strike the chord with me is how the documentary is made, without showcasing the common but the aspects of being in that space at that time on the banks of the Ganges. It tries to put the spirit back into the mythological stories.

I realized that there are plenty of stories to be heard, to be seen, visualized and captured in your memories by being there. The stories of the lost and found, talking with a complete stranger and then befriending them, helping out strangers, planning and organizing this mammoth get-together of thousands of people day in and day out is what the Kumbh Mela for me stands for apart from the actual reason. 

It is basically a sea where people from all walks of religion and nationality are united by faith and harmony.

The documentary made be realize that standing on the holy piece of land, you forget who you are. You simply move and act in good faith and it is only Faith that leads people to do surprising things over there.

After the documentary, I also got a chance to interact with the director Yashodara Udupa and her team. The one thing that came out from the interaction is that, the Kumbh Mela was an experience of sorts for them. With plenty of stories, of different, unknown people, drifting by as you move on, the Kumbh Mela is surely going to make you a somewhat changed and a better person, if nothing else.

Below is a trailer of the documentary. Please do have a look at it and you will realize that, what I have experienced just by viewing the documentary, even you will experience the same.

Presently, the Kumbh Mela is going on in Nashik and it will be there till 25th September. So pack your bags and experience a holy and a life changing event.

With the director and her crew along with Bloggers

Also, a vote of thanks to BlogAdda for having me at the screening of this wonderful documentary.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

the way you follow
a bee on the lookout for 
love that yields nectar 


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Friday, 24 July 2015

Have you ever chanted 'Kabbadi Kabbadi...' either while playing or watching a game of Kabbadi? Rarely, right? But with Pro Kabbadi League, which started last year and which is getting bigger and better in scale, interest and entertainment, many of the Kabbadi lovers have started chanting 'Kabbadi Kabbadi'. So, myself, who has started taking a keen interest in our National Game, didn't want to miss a chance interacting with the three superstars of the Patna Pirates team.

So I was quite excited to meet and interact with Rajesh Kumar, who is the captain of our National Kabbadi team as well as that of Patna Pirates team along with his teammates Ravi Dalal and Girish Ernak. Along with them, was Shyamal Vallabhjee, a sports scientist, signed up by Volini who will be associated with the Patna Pirates team to look after the fitness of the players.

The meet started with fellow bloggers, all energetic and eager to meet the trio of the Patna Pirates team. The interaction with them was very insightful with lovely stories of them playing Kabbadi since years and how they have sustained pain and many injuries during those years. This is where the association with Volini, India's no. 1 doctor recommended and used pain reliever comes front in helping them stay fit and away from pain. In fact, Kabbadi is the second sport with which Volini is associated with, after a successful association with Marathons across the country. 

Kabbadi is turning out to be a sport with huge mass appeal and connect but the chances of the players sustaining pain and injuries is extremely high. Also, it is an action packed game where one needs to recover quickly and be ready for the next game. So, to bridge the gap between the players and pain, Volini, aims to consolidate its position as a pain relief expert.  

During the Q&A session with the trio, it was understood that the more quickly you chant 'Kabbadi Kabbadi..', more swift are your actions and reactions while playing the game. So it is necessary to focus on the game and be 100% fit and full of energy while playing the game.

Also, as we all know "Pain is the defying factor in deciding fame", which is true in sports like Kabbadi and it is where Volini, the no. 1 doctor recommended pain brand becomes the pain relief partners of Patna Pirates. So with Volini by your side pain does not stand a chance.

Subodh Marwah
Commenting on the Volini’s association with Patna Pirates, Subodh Marwah, Vice President & Head Global Consumer Healthcare, Sun Pharma said“Kabbadi has a mass appeal and connect. This particular sport also has a huge incidence of pain and injury. Thus, there was a need felt of a pain relief expert to enable players to bounce back quickly. Patna being  the national Kabbadi capital and the only city in the country which has a separate Kabaddi stadium , we feel proud to be associated with Patna Pirates team as their official pain relief partners. 

Commenting on the Volini’s association with Patna Pirates, Shayamal Valabhjee said: “ProKabaddi is the hottest, new sporting attraction in India. But Kabaddi as a sport is far from forgiving on the body. The sheer physicality & brute power needed to execute those complex, explosive movements are simply astounding. To be a successful Kabaddi player, you will need power, razor sharp reflexes & split second decision making, but above all, you will need to endure pain - physical pain. It’s a sport in which only the strongest survive & the strongest are those who don’t give pain a chance.”

So it is safe to say that @MyVolini is playing a vital role by helping sports players fight pain.

Below are some of the photographs that speaks about a one of a kind event and interaction with bloggers, where a bit shy team members of Patna Pirates shared some lovely anecdotes, their struggle and what Kabbadi means to them.

a grandiose sweep
coiffured tresses and voguish 
molten lava cake

For: Haiku Horizons. This week's prompt word is 'Sweep'.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

He swiped his key card, quickly pushed himself inside, locked the door and laid his back on the neatly done king size bed of his hotel room with his legs left hanging from the corner of the bed.

The scorching heat had him completely drenched in sweat as beads started to trickle down from his forehead over to his earlobes and onto the quilt.

He had his eyes closed as he felt the cool breeze all over his face, but strangely there was something that was making him highly uncomfortable.

After lots of moans and groans, he finally opened his eyes to the naked sight of a tall chiselled man, eyeing him in lust with a mixture of water and sweat dripping from his body.

'Did I just entered the wrong room and probably got tricked or something', he thought initially, but brushed it aside as he welcomed the man with a wild grin to another round of burning the bed sheet.

What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. This week’s word: SCORCHING

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Fresh as a rosebud  
Desirous and enticing
Showered appearance

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Monday, 13 July 2015

In times of struggling to make ends meet, we are usually left tired after a day's long work and at the end of such a day we usually resort to some relaxation techniques. Some simply prefer to sleep to give rest to the mind and body. Whereas, some prefer to practice yoga or some form of exercises to calm the mind and heart for better concentration and relaxation of the mind. But, I usually prefer to listen some music as it helps me in healing the worn out issues and helps me in connecting better with my mind and heart. When you have both the mind and heart at sync, 8 out of 10 times you won't regret a decision that you have taken. So for me listening to music becomes extremely important after a day's work.

Although, I have plenty of playlists, which I have set depending upon the mood I am in, but here I have chosen a playlist which usually makes a non-dancer like me to at least shake a leg with my spouse. I am pretty sure she won't mind me dancing with her as long as I try to match her moves and bring both of us to the state of liveliness.

So here is my playlist of songs which will provide me an instant dose of liveliness...

'Sarkai Lo Khatiya'  is an old song from nineties featuring Govinda and Karishma Kapoor. It had become a huge hit during that time where a bedroom song was picturized with some quirky lyrics in it. So if you know the lyrics or have heard the song, you will definitely agree with me that the song definitely makes you come out of your worries to the state of liveliness, at least for me. Also, no wonder, the song helps in providing a wonderful night, just in case. :P  

The second song ' Sato Janam Tujhko Paake' in my playlist is again from the nineties and featuring the same actors. But this time the situation is different where the actor refers to plenty of actresses to woo her actress by doing some dance steps that I still try to mimic. So this is the second song, although most of you might not like or agree, but, this song helps me to come back to the state of liveliness whenever I listen to it. 

After having a number one dancer in my playlist of that era, it is time to have another dancer who probably is the number one dancer of the present era. Hrithik Roshan, in a song, 'Tu Meri' from Bang Bang, has some of the most exhilarating dance moves along with the peppy music that sees me trying to ape the steps done by him and failing miserably. So to compensate it, I try to sing Karaoke where I try to bring back myself from the state of tiredness to the state of liveliness. 

'Woh Ladki Hain Kahan' is an early twenties song which has a soulful music which syncs well with simple lyrics that has me singing the song every now and then whenever I miss her. Along with that, it has some easy dance steps which I can perform well and eventually bring myself back to the real me. 

This song had me dancing with my spouse at one of the 'sangeet' function of my cousin and hence I can safely include this track in this playlist. The song, 'Aivayii Aivayii' has some really peppy tune to it that fills me up with instant energy. 

Well if you don't have 'London Thumakda' in this playlist then this playlist will definitely be left incomplete. With simple dance steps, superb lyrics and engaging beats, this song can surely lift anyone's mood including mine and bring me back to the state of hope and liveliness.  

'O Womaniya' has both of us singing and dancing whenever it plays on the television. It is a kind of a song where you really don't mind dancing like no one is watching and showcasing some of your steps which can put the Shaimak Davars to shame. Yes, for me, this song works wonders. 

'Gallan Goodiyaa' is another such song which has kept me hooked right from day one when it was played on music channels on television. With super star cast grooving to the beats and dancing, it literally makes me feel to stand up, sing, dance and come back to the state of liveliness.

'Chittiya Kalaiya' is again one such song for me that upon listening it truly refreshes me, pushes back all the worries and makes me live in the moment rather than being so much obsessed with worries and work.

Just as you have the above video featuring Alla Arjun and Anushka Manchanda making sure you are at your liveliest best every time you need to be, the above 9 songs ensure that I stay fresh and at my liveliest best. What are yours?

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Friday, 10 July 2015


She kept switching sides while hugging her pillow tight, resting it just above her heaving chest. 

For the 'n'th time she checked the 'gallery' folder in her cell phone and viewed their lovey-dovey image. 

Left so engrossed in visualizing both of them together, hugging, pleasuring each other and making out, that she could not hear the sound of the main door opening with a noise. 

He tiptoed slowly into the dark, went towards her room and spotting her lying on the bed, the intruder leaped towards her, placed his one hand on her mouth while the other hand started undoing the buttons. 

"I love you", she said in parts catching her breath in between and he left a wicked grin.

Writing for Five Sentence Fiction. It is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week Lillie Mcferrin posts a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. This week’s word: THIEF.

Source: Indiblogger

How often we have been told by someone to avoid eating unhealthy and street side food? How many times we have realized it for ourselves that the food we intake is low on nutrition? How many times we have felt the need to improve on the intake of nutritious food?

The answer to the above questions can be ‘numerous’, ‘plenty’ or ‘so many’ times we have been told or realized the need to have a nutritious and balanced diet daily. But, unfortunately, most of the people neglect it either due to pressing schedules, leaving less time to eat properly and timely or probably they simply refuse to eat some quality and nutritious food, instead eat some spicy and delicious fast food dish. Not only does it lacks in nutritious value but also leaves you with adding some unwanted calories.

So it is advisable to have a nutritious, balanced and healthy diet for the following reasons:

Good immune system – A balanced and nutritious diet provides the necessary dose of proteins,vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and other important nutrients required for a proper development of a healthy body. Once you intake balanced food, your immune system is bound to be strong enough to fight various illnesses, thereby, leaving you fit and healthy. Moreover, when you intake your food with some quantity of Dabur Honey, it allows for easy digestion of food along with giving your body a good source of energy.

Weight Management – When you are eating a balanced diet, proper amount of necessary nutrients reaches your body, thereby, enabling you to maintain your body weight. Also, it is traditionally known fact that having one teaspoon of honey with warm water early in the morning helps in managing your weight.

Energy – A timely healthy diet provides a good source of energy to last the entire day. Fruits and vegetables are the key for a prolonged source of energy. In today’s stressful life and work conditions, it is highly advisable to have a diet that is rich in minerals and vitamins. This is where honey plays a major role. Dabur honey when used in your diet, reduces the need for using sugar as honey acts as a sweetener in your diet. Moreover, it contains a less amount of calories than sugar and contains vitamins, antioxidants and minerals which are good for your health.

On the other hand, people often tend to crash dieting when they feel they have suddenly gained weight and in desperation they start crash dieting. But, rarely they come to know that crash dieting is nutritionally inadequate, which may result in a weakened immune system over a period of time. Moreover, it also leads to changes in skin and hair loss due to lack of nutrition.

As a result, it is advisable to have a healthy and a nutritious diet while exercising daily to burn unwanted calories rather than crash dieting. Also, when you use Dabur honey in your diet, it aids your skin as it possesses moisturizing and nourishing properties, thereby, giving you a good and a radiant skin.

So, having a few teaspoons of Dabur honey in your diet, helps you in many ways instead of crash dieting. More so, when you have a balanced and nutritious diet along with honey, it is a definite way towards a sweeter alternative with a healthy and immune you. 

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Source: Indiblogger

We all know that Cricket is religion in India and is hugely followed by people from all walks of life. Be it a street vendor selling local eatery or a CEO of a company, Cricket is one such sport that unites us all. I think, most of the times we must have seen people from different religion, caste and status, bonding so well over a game of cricket. I have seen people from various walks of life, standing just outside the electronics showrooms and watching the final few overs with all the excitement and glee, leaving aside their work, worries and bonding for a while. That is cricket to us!

I clearly remember missing so many of the important clashes like the India vs Pakistan, 2003 World cup match where we had a blast batting first. Then, the epic test match in Australia at Adelaide, 2003, where one of my favorite cricketer of all time, The Wall, Rahul Dravid scored an epic double century, effectively paving way for one of our most cherished wins on Australian soil. Then, it was the clash of the titans, the stalwarts of the Cricket as a game, England and Australia in a clash known as ‘The Ashes’. It is really frustrating to see missing so many of the important clashes where your favorite stars are performing so brilliantly that you cannot afford to miss such high octane battles. But sadly, due to some reason or other, I had to miss such important knocks and had to be only contended with the eventual results.

But with evolving times and technology, we have a solution to tackle this factor of not able to view Cricket due to some particular reason. Here we have now, a solution called as UC Browser which has a feature called ‘UC Cricket’ for us cricket fanatics.

UC browser is as fast as the speed of light and hence, we can surf it at ease even on a 2G connection. Along with this, it comes with an inbuilt system called UC Cricket which actually serves as a viable option, without needing to keep aside your work and wait outside the electronics showrooms. UC cricket serves as a solution typically when you don’t have an opportunity or a luxury to be in front of your TV sets and watch it live. UC Cricket answers this itchy dilemma of continuously browsing websites and looking out for scores or asking your friends on a timely update of the game. It will show you the current status of the game, the scores, wickets, run rate, full scorecard and complete analysis of the game. Along with that the UC Cricket gives us a ball by ball update so that you don’t need to be itchy and over the seat while asking your friend every now and then. Apart from that it has the calendar for upcoming matches, special events and news. 

So overall, UC Cricket from UC Browser answers all the needs of a cricket lover who eats, drinks and sleeps Cricket and only Cricket. UC Cricket is indeed a perfect integration with UC Browser. You can download UC Browser on various platforms and enjoy UC Cricket at ease.

For all the lovers of the game, you can watch the UC Browser video below.

Also, you can check out the official pages of UC Browser and UC Cricket here:

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Source: PonderingTwo
It is said that, "If you don't look back at your car after you park it, you own the wrong car." However, with the all new Honda Jazz, things are going to change for the good. At first, the new Honda Jazz will definitely make you look back at it, after you have parked the car. The pictures along side will prove exactly that.

It follows a more aggressive design and language which will appeal not only to the younger generation but also to the older generation as well. After all, who doesn't like to own a car which is simply too good on looks? Also, who doesn't like to get so many 'wows', 'aww', and other envious expressions from the onlookers and passerby's, once you are in the driving seat.

In fact, the 'wow', was one of my first reactions, while taking the above picture and as I got into camera mode, I simply could not think about owning this beauty as soon as possible and that too in the above color. Well, for me, the above color portrays the energy of youth, the fragrance of love and and color of romance and undoubtedly I am a sucker for all those things. 

Source: PonderingTwo
The bumper and the tail lights have been made much more sportier from the previous version and it goes in sync with the spirit of youthfulness and full of energy. Having said that, the tail cluster looks much more compact and sleek at the same time. Thus, coordinating with the entire design of the all new Honda Jazz. 

Source: PonderingTwo
The other thing that made me go 'aww' in sheer excitement is the overall design with the characteristic shape and cuts along with classy character lines that is well identified by a Honda car now-a-days. It possesses an aerodynamic body structure with an attractive side profile as shown in the picture. 

From the above pictures, one can surely say that the all new Honda Jazz is simply attractive with a compact body structure which does not miss out on being less sportier than majority of the cars in this segment. 

Now coming to the interiors, I can vouch that the all new Honda Jazz, has one of the best leg rooms, a car in this segment can ever have. Apart from that, the cabin exudes a feel of being supreme and classy at the same time with dual tone interiors of black and chrome. The cabin is highly elegant and spacious with an array of facilities necessary for the best drive one can ever have.

Source: PonderingTwo

As you can see from the above picture, the seating is pretty comfortable with adjustable seats as well as steering wheel which helps for a relaxed and comfortable ride. The dashboard is well designed and integrated with the best possible equipment. The all new Honda Jazz also has an infotainment system which can play music apart from navigating and guiding on the route along with Bluetooth connectivity for playing music. Also, the seats are pretty much comfortable which are well cushioned, ergonomically designed and gives a look of a premium upholstery. 

Now coming to the most important feature of the all new Honda Jazz is its performance. 

I got the privilege to be the amongst few to test ride the all new Honda Jazz, courtesy The 'Hangout with Honda' event at not any ordinary road but at the Buddh International Circuit and trust me when I say, the car really delivers when put to test on the F1 track.  

Source: PonderingTwo
I rode the all new Honda Jazz Diesel variant (manual -6 speed gear) and I was able to easily maneuver those difficult curves at some speed. Rarely I slowed down my speed below 20 kmph and at the majority of the time I drove through all those dangerous curves at third gear. Initially I thought, the car might not be able to pick up pace after considerably slowing down during the curves, but to my fascination the Jazz performed brilliantly. I didn't feel the need to drop down a gear, raise and speed up. 

Overall, I could safely say that the all new Honda Jazz is one of the best cars to drive in city as well as on highways as it has a good control with a 1000 bhp engine that can take the load on it and doesn't pass on back while driving. Not only that, the all new Honda Jazz has a 354 liter boot space that can be expanded to 881 liter by folding the rear seats. So with superior grip on the roads, elegant and sporty design and spacious interiors, the all new Honda Jazz is definitely the car that I liked the most in recent times.

Moreover, when you have the presence of the Honda India CEO, Mr. Katsushi Inoue who is all the more energetic, knows the market and ready to mingle with the younger breed, you can definitely say that the future of Honda India is in safe hands. 

Source: PonderingTwo

Also, have a look at a video showcasing the hooter sound as the cars approaches the pit stop which was fascinating to see. #HangoutwithHonda