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Friday, 1 April 2016

Source: Pablo

Those warm quilts, a witness
To our rendezvous
To our submissions
To the wet lips caressing the smooth skin
To the yearnings of the sensual touch
To the heat of the bodies, coupling
A bee searching thy nectar readily
To the path of a striking chemistry
To the fragrance of our sweat
To the wisp of a burning desire
To the lip-smacking love bites
To our fervent moans and pleasures
To our ongoing love story
And to a flourishing heart and soul
Entwined as one

This post is written as a part of A to Z Challenge held annually in April.
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  1. that's so beautiful, pure and passionate love :)

  2. Woots! Amorous love! Its just A....and so much sizzle! Hot! Looking forward to your posts Rohan :)

    1. Thank you so much Kala!! Yup yup more sizzling romance and love is on the way. :)

  3. Aww... this was lovely. Well written. Perfect for the theme of Amorous.

    My entry for the #AtoZChallenge -
    Tv Shows: A - Agents of SHIELD

    1. Thank you so much Roshan!! Am so glad that you read and commented on the post. :)

  4. Gosh. The perfect poem for the word!

    All the best for the challenge :)

  5. Haa! Passionate start to AtoZ! I love poems poems, esp romantic and I'm going to come back for more. Happy AtoZ!

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  6. This is so amazing, so passionate, so beautiful!