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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Everyone of us deserve better. We wake up daily with a hope that the day ends well and strive to achieve for the betterment of our lives. As any parent, I also strive to see that my kid deserves the better, if not the best of the facilities and primarily, education. With education being the primary and most important concern for any parent, it is necessary that education reaches the kids.

As Nelson Mandela had once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."

 Most of us are financially well off and can provide quality education to our kids, but spare a thought for those who are not so financially well off. Imagine a situation where, due to lack of funds, you couldn't get your child to provide for a Masters degree. How regretful you will be for your entire life! Robbing your child of education is truly a crime which no parent wants to commit. Moreover, what if the school that your child is learning suddenly stops functioning due to lack of funds? Wouldn't you be crest-fallen? Same is going to happen with a rural preschool run by Aham Bhumika (Aham Bhumika is a registered NGO under Societies Act) unless some generous soul offers to donate some amount and see the children learn and educate themselves.
The rural preschool is located in the village named 'Borda', 17 kms from Bhopal. They have 40 kdis belonging to underprivileged category whose parents work as daily wage labourers on brick kilns and construction sites. At present, the school needs 14,000 every month to keep functioning and imparting education to these kids.

So below are the bank details of Aham Bhumika if you wish to contribute to the education of these kids: (All donations are exempted from tax under Section 80-G of the Income Tax of India)

A/c name: Aham Bhumika Swayam Sevi Sanstha, SAVINGS ACCOUNT NO. 2073101015874, IFSC Code- CNRB0002073, Bank – CANARA BANK, Branch – MAHARANA PRATAP NAGAR, BHOPAL

You can drop a mail at ahambhumika@gmail.com with your name, address, donation amount, PAN no. and contact details.

The full details on how to donate are given here.

You can also buy hand-painted shoes from their website as well as hand embroidered, tribal motif , Gond Art cushion covers by pre-order. By buying a pair of shoes you will fund the education of a rural child for a period of one month. The price of shoes ranges from Rs.999 to 1499. 

This is an earnest request to fellow bloggers to help in spreading the word by blogging about it or by sharing the post. You can share using the hashtag FundAhamBhumika. If you choose to blog, then you can use images from their Facebook or Twitter profile.

Think about it. A 1000 or 2000 rupees won't affect us much, but it would work wonders for them.

Moreover, we spend even more on movies and meals. So please don't let the education of these children to suffer. Contribute as much as you can as each and every kid deserve better when it comes to education. 


Monday, 5 October 2015

amorous glances
a storm of passion erupt
tableland of love

Linking it to Haiku Horizons where the word prompt for the week is 'storm'.

It is said that, 'Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another' and how true is that! Take any top dancer and you will feel that the dance simply comes from within. Just seeing them dance, invokes a feeling to dance even to a non-dancer. So if you are one such dancer or aspiring to be one, then you must visit DanceBible now. 

We have plenty of portals for various products and services, but rarely you will find a portal which will connect YOU with Dance. DanceBible is once such portal which will help an aspiring as well as an established dancer to hone their dance skills and learn dancing by viewing dance videos uploaded by various dance artists. 

The main purpose of DanceBible is to encourage dancing among people by connecting various dancers, choreographers, dance educators and dance parents. The platform allows to connect and share the dancing skills, learn different dance forms, create a portfolio and share it to the world. DanceBible is like a community for dancers who can learn and grow together and spread the passion for dance.

DanceBible is nothing but an encyclopedia for Dance. You don't need to Google every now and then about dance videos, dance forms and ways and techniques to perfect the art. You will find each and every thing at DanceBible.

So there are plenty of features available to you when you visit DanceBible. You will get to know about Dance Styles, Dance Anatomy, Dance Audio and Videos and also interviews of famous dance personalities. 

Along with that, there is a section called as Dance Diaries wherein you can write about your experience, your journey and anything under the sky concerning dance and share it with others. Some of the articles are so informative and well written that it gets easier to find a solution to the problem. So, in short, you will find plenty of resources to learn and master the art of a particular dance form.

So once you learn the art, you can upload and share your dance videos by creating your Dance Portfolio. 

Times are such that people prefer freelancing into their choice of field. So if you are freelance dancer, DanceBible allows you to add yourself as a freelance dancer and take dancing assignments. Isn't this lovely for all those freelance dancers looking for an opportunity? 

DanceBible, apart from providing you with lots of information on dance and honing your dancing skills, it also allows you to network which is highly necessary in today's digital era.

The other important feature is Dance Schools where it allows you to find a dance school in your area which you can approach to learn dance. 

So overall, if you are parent of dance enthusiast, a dancer, a performer or even a choreographer, DanceBible has something for each and everyone of you. You can also check out their Facebook page for more info and updates.

Being a non-dancer, it is time I enroll myself in one of the dance schools listed at DanceBible. Ciao! 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Nothing comes easy. You have to pay a price to achieve something. Compromises and sacrifices have to be made in order to have that something which is elusive till date. I think there is no shame in admitting that we all make compromises and sacrifices day in and day out. Rarely we will find a day being spent without any compromises and sacrifices. A day only for ourselves and no one else. Sadly, this goes for both the sexes. 

If you are smart enough, you will realize that these compromises and sacrifices are usually made when it comes to eating, sleeping and health. How many times have you avoided your lunch as a deadline at work kept you busy? More often than not, if you are working in an industry which doesn't have any fixed schedule. How many times have you skipped your breakfast or just had a glass of juice? Plenty of times, right? How many times have you compromised with your sleep due to work pressure or other commitments? Again, plenty of times, if I am not wrong. Apparently, this seems to a growing trend among the urban class people where commitments, be it work or social or any other reason for that matter keeps people away from the three basic necessities for a good and healthy life.

The effects of such a lifestyle is that we tend to ignore our health the foremost. We simply pop a pill and get back to our daily routine without even thinking of the side-effects that popping a pill without any prescription have.

Even various researches have shown that both men and especially women are at a risk of heart diseases due to increasing weight and lack of proper exercise. So Saffolalife has come up with a wonderful initiative to #ProtectHerHeart along with yours.

So, I thought of some interesting things, we as a couple would do to improve our health and most importantly #ProtectHerHeart, as it is only around Her my live revolves and heart beats!

1) Help out each other in beating our daily stress where we would Walk and Talk, share our troubles and look out for solutions without judging as it eventually results into arguments. So, I would take her for a walk daily, post dinner and come back with burning some calories.

2) I would urge her to join me for a jog on a Sunday morning, leaving aside all the household chores. In return, I would help her in some of them. (In case you don't believe, check my Twitter bio) This will not only strengthen our relationship but also help in keeping ourselves fit and healthy.

3) It is necessary to have timely and healthy meals for a better health in the long run. So, it is wise to eat healthy meals which we, as a couple, need to take more seriously. In fact we have already started taking our meals seriously and cutting down on unhealthy meals as far as possible. 

With Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative, it becomes all the more important for me to improve our fitness levels and all the above three points are necessary to move forward in that direction.

So encourage us and request everyone whom you know to introduce to #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledge to lead a healthy life.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.”

After attending the Pampers Premium Care Pants Product Launch, as a mother, it was quite obvious to get a feel of these newly launched diapers and see the difference when compared to others. I had always thought that most of the diapers are usually the same. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I first felt the Pampers Premium Care Pants in my hands. It is as soft as a feather, both on the insides and the outsides. 

To confess, I am not a type of mother who frets about the brand of the diaper. But, after having seen the quality of the Pampers Premium Care Pants, I have now made my mind to use the same henceforth. The reasons to my becoming a brand loyal henceforth are:

1) The Material - What I have noticed in my short duration as a mother, most of the diapers that are available in the market tend to be of a bit harsh material as compared to the Pampers Premium Care Pants. As I said above, the material used is feather soft and breathable which completely erases the cause of skin rashes among babies and leaves a happy feeling among them as well as the mothers. As such, a happy baby leads to a happy mom! Isn't it?

2) All around softness - When you have the quality of the material to be feather soft, it is bound to give an all around softness. Pampers Premium Care Pants are aesthetically developed that ensures that the baby gets all the comfort that makes the baby happy. Even the waistband is so soft that it doesn't leave very heavy marks on the baby's waist. 

3) Dryness - Pampers Premium Care Pants ensures that it stays dry from the inside as they possess ultra dry pores which quickly absorbs and lock away the liquids. Thus it helps in ensuring that the babies do not feel wet and can have a good night's sleep.

4) Baby Lotion - We all know that the skin of every baby is soft and to protect the softness of the skin, Pampers Premium Care Pants have developed a baby lotion. This lotion has been used in these diapers which help in protecting the softness of the baby skin while the diaper is on. So there is no need of applying the baby lotion when the diaper is worn. 

5) Wetness Indicator - As a first time parent, it was very difficult for me to understand when to change the diaper for my kid. Sometimes I used to keep on the diaper for a couple of hours and sometimes I used to keep it for longer duration. But now with wetness indicator, it will get easier for me and lot of other moms to know the time to change the diaper. Moreover, even dads can now share a hand in changing the diapers with the much needed wetness indicator.

So overall, Pampers have gone a step ahead by introducing such much needed features in its latest Pampers Premium Care Pants. I would definitely recommend every parent to use the Premium Care Pants from Pampers for their little ones.

A superb product to keep both the babies and parents happy all the time! 

This blog post is written for Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The 2008 Noida Double Murder Case is one of the most talked about and highly controversial murder case. Lots of things have been said publicly by prominent personalities. Many people have put forth their views on the same and now Meghna Gulzar has come up with a motion film on the same subject, titled, TALVAR. It is a dramatization of the real life events revolving around the Aarushi Talwar murder case investigation. 

After having read so many views and opinions on leading dailies, I was pretty much high on the expectations from the film. With an ensemble of some solid and proven performers, I was all the more intrigued on how such a sensitive and mind boggling case would be shown on the big screen. 

Much to my expectation, the movie did a fabulous job with respect to putting across and highlighting the murder without much fuss and in a subtle yet effective way. I was simply engrossed in a way the actors have played their part with a tight control on the body language which is highly important while portraying an incident that has actually happened.

The movie shows the multiple viewpoint of the investigating officers and offers a perfect dramatization of those backing them with facts. Right from the start, if you are keenly watching the film, you will figure out the minute differences which plays a major role in the investigation shown in the film. The movie primarily shows the dogged pursuit of the investigating officer played by Irrfan Khan towards finding the actual culprit. What did strike to me was, how the police, the media and the in-fighting among the investigative agency play their part in finding facts and presenting them.


For me, as a viewer, the film has done justice exceedingly well in almost all the departments. Right from the screenplay, to the background score, to the dialogues, to the editing, to the acting and finally to the direction. Each and every department has contributed equally in coming out with a product that is actually hard hitting in some way or the other. 

The other thing which kept me engaged in the movie is the suspense that has been maintained at each and every stage. For not even once, I felt that I could foresee or predict the next scene. Or rather if I could, I would have been sitting next to Vishal Bhardwaj, the script writer of the movie and assisting him, isn't it? This, really is highly commendable.

Of course there are some brilliant performances, but Irrfan Khan simply takes the cake away with his stellar on screen presence, dialogue delivery and his overall strong and effective performance. 

Talvar kept me on the edge of the seat as it took me through some hard hitting performances along with plenty of questions to take home and ponder upon. 

Overall, I had a superb movie watching experience with much substance to make it one of the best movies that I have ever seen this year. 

Ratings: ****/5 - A must watch film with family and friends for a gripping story and stellar performances. Not to be missed under any circumstances.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs. It starts right at an early age, to the age where you as a parent feel that the child is now capable to take own decisions. As a new parent, I understand that there are plenty of things you need to teach to the toddler. Sometimes you will pass with flying colors and sometimes you will be left bewildered and without any clue on how to teach your kid.

Iyanla Vanzant has rightly said that, 'Parents are teachers, guides, leaders, protectors and providers for children'. Moreover, parenting isn't a practice. It's a daily learning experience. So you see, it gets pretty tough to make your kids learn something new and with thousands of options to choose from, it makes all the more difficult. So what to do?

There is an app called 'KleverKid' to calm you down. The app has all the options you can look out for your child based on the child's interests. Isn't that relieving and stress busting as a parent? 

So what is KleverKid? KleverKid is a one stop solution for finding a best program for the kids. It is essentially an after-school activities app. It helps parents in finding some great after-school activities going on in the area of residence. The app allows you to find various programs and activities available in your city based on the child's interest. So you have, sports, arts, dance, music, academics and many more options to choose from, while looking out for your child's interest. The app covers every area of interests that can entice a child to learn and excel in that particular field. Currently, the services are only available in Bangalore and Delhi NCR, with plans of launching the services to other cities as well.

KleverKid is also nicknamed as the Zomato of learning, where it helps bridging the gap between parents and the after-school activities. 

All you have to do is select an area of the child's interest, along with the location. Having done that, the app will provide you a list of classes and activities with the cost and the duration of the classes. The cost and the duration makes it pretty easier to choose from the list of options that the app gives.

The app is easy to use, both for the service provider and the parents, who are the service seeker. The app has a good User Interface that is easy on the eyes. Thus, it is easy to navigate between various options that are available to choose from. Moreover, each and every program provides the necessary detail, along with pictures, which helps in understanding more about the program. This eventually helps in selecting the best possible program for the kid.

From the above pictures, you can see how easy it is to select a program from the city and area of your residence. Once you punch in the required details, you will see a list of services provided by different service providers. Clicking on one of them will lead you to a detailed description of the activity. Moreover, KleverKid will give you the course fees, duration and timings which can help you to plan better depending upon your child's school timings.

So overall, KleverKid  is an extremely helpful app for all the parents who are looking out for some after-school activities for their wards and help them in developing their creative side and taking it to a new level altogether. 

Ratings: ****/5

Overall: KleverKid is a highly recommended app for the parents who want their wards to excel in their life.