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Friday, 31 May 2013

Teeth and gum are the perfect ‘Frenemies’. One day they will be the best of friends, happy to go around wherever you go with ease and one day you will figure out there is a fight between them and wherever you go it will keep troubling you. Same is the case between husband and wife – A perfect frenemy bound by emotions and love. But that’s a different matter altogether. If you think so, then my friend you are wrong. Teeth and gum are just like husband and wife – Take appropriate care and you will have the honeymoon on and on for years.

But then you won’t understand when told in simple terms. We always learn the hard way – human nature, you see. 

So here goes the story......

Tomorrow will be the day he would finally come to know about his promotion and his future.  He was full of confidence and it showed as he was sitting and talking with his girlfriend. “Sweetheart tomorrow is the day for us. I am almost certain about my promotion, a fat hike in salary and then off to meet your dad with the promotion letter”, he said to her with all the exuberance of finally fancying a chance to get hitched to her after four years.

As he was speaking, she made the action of covering her mouth with handkerchief but that went unnoticed.

There was paucity of words for a minute or two after he finished and with dejection all over his face he asked, “What’s the matter? Why are you not saying anything?

Silence was all that she said and left abruptly.

In shock and surprise, he thought of following her to understand the reason behind her leaving. But before he could ask her, all he saw was a tiny, fading image of the auto rickshaw which she had boarded. He stood there for few minutes unable to understand and digest such kind of rude behaviour from her.

Number of calls and sms went unanswered.

Completely flabbergasted and with a ‘she loves me or loves me not’ thought playing on his mind he returned home. He recollected all those sweet memories that they had but there was not a single instance he can remember where she had reacted similarly. He meticulously played today’s happening on the back of his mind and tried to figure out where he went wrong. But of no avail.

Again he tried to call and sms but no reply is what he got.

Restless, tensed and with a doubt over their relationship his eyes found way to what is called sleep.

Next morning he again called her but went unanswered. ‘Dammit’, he said with angriness all over his voice and slammed his phone on the bed.

Without wondering much he got ready for the office although gloomy but with a tinge of smile on his face. He was having his slice of bread when some irritation occurred inside his mouth. He looked in the mirror and saw some blood oozing out. He immediately gargled and continued till the blood stopped oozing out. Avoiding eating anything further he left for the office.

Within minutes of his leaving a guy came and stood in front of his house waiting for someone to open the door and collect the parcel. He waited for few minutes and when there was no response, he left the parcel at his next door neighbour and left.

His cell phone rang and upon seeing her name he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank God you called”, he answered.

“Did you open the parcel?” She asked.

“What parcel? I did not receive any parcel.” He replied with a confused look on his face.

“What?!”, she screamed and continued.

“Anyways, I always wanted to tell you something but couldn’t muster courage to tell. But yesterday was enough I thought and since you are having your appraisal, I thought this is the correct time to tell.”

His heart started beating faster hoping that she doesn't utter that dreaded two letter word and that too without knowing any particular reason of him doing something so bad to piss her off to say a big NO to their marriage plans.

Silence again gained the upper hand for few seconds and before he could say she blurted. “Your mouth stinks!”

He couldn’t figure out what was she saying and why so kept mum.

She continued, “I wanted you to be at your best on this day and bad breath can easily turn one off including me and he is only your boss not lover. So thought of gifting you an assortment of all the Colgate products.”

He was stunned on hearing her. For a moment it was hard to believe. He didn't know how to react. To be happy or not. Happy for not saying 'NO' or sad at being said the above words. But soon he realised that she must be true as he did saw blood today morning.

Thank you came out of his mouth with much awkwardness and embarrassment.

The only thing that still puzzled him was why the hell she did not tell him yesterday itself but kept it to himself as he did not gather courage to ask her.

He immediately rushed to meet a dentist thinking that it is better to leave the parcel at the neighbour’s place and taking a half day leave from work promising to be back by lunch time.

While on his way to the dentist he thought rather muttered and glorified in his mind "The moral of the story is:
  • Never ignore any warning signs especially when it comes to dental hygiene. 
  • Silence is not golden when you want to express your love and also when you feel something is necessary and important to share.
  • Prolonged silence can cause last minute trouble just as having my ass running against time."
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Monday, 27 May 2013

Propinquity of any kind was always dangerous. He knew that but the sheer sight made his plans of self control go topsy-turvy. Extreme self control required Rohan, extreme! He made a mental note before any images conjured up. But before he knew, his heart had skipped many a beat on just reading the name.

For them he was cheating, cheating with his career, future, life and with him. But, he was chasing his dream and in no ways can be called cheating.


It is said that Books is and will always be his first wife. His propinquity with books made him the most respected and honoured person over the globe.

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Friday, 24 May 2013

As the clock struck twelve
Bout of craving for her favorite ice-cream
Shrugging and eventually ready to shelve
Slurping like nothing is supreme

Sparkling eyes like a room lit of candles
Creamy lips that kills you within
A killer smile with those dimples
Flirtatious hair celebrating the love-in

Lying besides on the bonnet of the car
Leg fingers indulging in some love
‘They’ took what is called the polestar
Thanking the ice-cream for bringing dove

He vowed never to let work become a hindrance
Realizing that Love matters the most as 'You Only Live Once'

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Cheers. Keep Smiling. Spread Love. Embrace Life.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Meetings held, plans finalised, behind the closed door
Promising to act accordingly with cash registers ringing
Giving last minute boost to go out with a huge roar
Picture Courtesy: Fotolia
Once focused mind never dwindling

Scripted actions take place
Without any fear or guilt
Ethics and character embrace
To cheat the morality once built

An open basket for all to amass wealth
Caste, creed and religion make no difference
A common man, a politician, all indulge in stealth
Laws, police, courts offer no hindrance

Time for the institutions to step up and act
Force open the door else see the gentleman’s game hijacked

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Monday, 20 May 2013

You and me
At a romantic date
Display of affection
Growing intimacy

Clouds of Love
Waiting to burst
Full fledged romance
Never experienced before

His thoughts get interrupted by the beep of his phone.

(All the conversations are on the WeChat App)

Reema: Again lost in your own poetic world! Right?

Harsh: Sorry Reema (before he could say further)

Reema: What sorry? Do you even realise that you are having a beautiful wife waiting for you at home? Have you seen the clock? It’s 9 pm and you are still in the office?

Harsh: (Saying to himself) Beautiful wife!? Blowing one’s own trumpet huh?

Reema: (Before he could reply) And moreover have you written a poem even once for me? You can easily write for others but not for me. Not for your wife! (Angry emoticon)

Harsh: Baby, how many times did I tell you that Poems are written to make someone feel special and you are already special to me?

Reema: So in that case no need to shower love also as we have been married years ago. Right? (In an agitated tone)

Harsh: You want me to come home early right? So please let me finish my work and will be back home soon. Bye.

The conversation ended there.

“How inhuman Harsh has become”, Reema said to herself. “Why God why”!!, she exclaimed with a sad face. (Reema considers herself as an expression queen and hence can exclaim with a sad face)

A ping on her mobile brought her out of her reverie.

God: Hello Reema! You called for me?

Reema: (Thinking what to reply)

God: Tell Reema tell. Don’t be afraid or feel shy.

Reema: What has happened to Harsh? Why is he behaving in an inhuman manner? (Sad emoticon)

God: (Smiley) How can I answer that? He is living with you. You should be knowing the answer better than me.

Reema: You created him. Not me. So tell me. (Getting bossy)

God: I created you too and as far as I remember you were not at all bossy. (winking)

Reema: Situations change as per the time.

God: You got your answer it seems. (Smiley)

Reema adding Harsh into the chat

Reema to Harsh: Sorry to say this but God told me that you have changed a lot.

God to himself: When did I tell? You yourself told. Oh! I forgot. You humans can make anything and everything into a “God said word”.

Harsh to Reema: Tell your God that he promised me a simple, nice girl as my wife. And see what have I got! (Winking emoticon)

Reema: How dare you say like this to me? (Shocked, angry, devil emoticons)

God: And Harsh, you promised me to visit every day and spend some time with me. That does not happen and so... (Winking emoticon)

Harsh to God: Right (Straight Face emoticon)

Salman: Hey, I heard someone saying (Be)in(g) Human?

Reema: Salmaaannnnnnnn! You were looking so hot the other day in that looks on Big Boss!! (Wide smile, Thumbs up emoticons)

Salman: Thank You! Thank You! Reema ji (Wide smile emoticon)

Reema: You are welcome, My HERO. (Winking, Angel emoticons)

Harsh: HERO? (Sad, Teary eyed emoticons)

Salman: (Laughing emoticon)

God: Beta Salman, How did your surgery go? That black buck is dying to see you again!! (Smiley emoticon)

Salman: S s s s s s s sir sir app aisa mat bolo yaar. Dekho maine aapko commitment kiya tha ki ek galti karunga toh 10 acche kaam bhi karunga. (Straight face emoticon)

God: That does not absolve you from

Salman: (Interrupting God) Sir ji you know na that I have sent 2500 water tankers to drought hit area. Beacuse that is how I am. Ek baar maine commitment kar diya toh fir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta.

God: Jo mein bolta hoon, woh mein karta hoon

Akshay: (God interrupted again) Aur jo mein nahi bolta woh mein definitely karta hoon.(Wide smile emoticon)

Reema: (Surprised Emoticon)

Sensing she might now be caught in between some dialogues that can create unnecessary controversy, she needed to come out with an excuse to log off from the chat.

And surprisingly the door bell rang. She ran to open the door thus leaving the conversation in between.

In front of her stood Harsh along with the HERO with arms over each other.

“Darling, How can I forget your birthday?, he said with a big smile on his face. Sorry that I didn’t pick your calls as I was busy arranging a surprise for you.

Reema stood there in complete disbelief but with a big big smile on her face! She hugged Harsh as he gave her a bouquet of red roses (her favourite) and squeezed him in her arms.

You and me
At a romantic date
Display of affection
Growing intimacy

Clouds of Love
Waiting to burst
A full fledged romance
Never experienced before

He sang this little poem for her for the first time ever and grabbed her closer to him, sealing it with a tight kiss on her lips.

On seeing Salman looking at them with all the enthusiasm, she blushed a little and thanked Harsh for making it so very special.

Salman wished Reema and gifted a painting from his treasure and left, leaving the two onto a romantic date where clouds of love were waiting to burst for a feeling called Love, Eternal Love.

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Picture Courtesy: BollywoodLife.com

Quaint, modern and hot
Style that Bridges the gap between 
Fashion and practicality 

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Monday, 13 May 2013

Door-bell started ringing as soon as the clock struck 10. Children from various age groups started to flock the hall of Love. Each dressed in their best clothes with the biggest smile on their face, sat on the floor forming a big circle. A large white board, a huge TV screen, an AC and the Love Couple were there to greet them.

A two hour activity educating children from nearby slum on every Sunday was the first thing that they looked forward to in this sweltering Mumbai heat. They always believed in giving back to the society and spreading Love and what better way than this? 

Summers are good now!!

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Cheers! Keep Smiling! Spread Love! Embrace Life!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

He prayed to Lord as usual before letting darkness settle in for a bright morning. “No! This can’t happen”, she screamed. With slight panic on her face she started compressing his chest and blowing air into his mouth. After in numerous repetition of the act he coughed. She asked the Lord to give her strength.

After 48 hours he opened his eyes to find her besides him, watching him open his eyes. Her face looked fragile after sleepless hours but his open eyes returned all the charm that her face had become home to. “How are you feeling now?”, she asked. “Better but very hungry”, he replied with a smile.

Picture Courtesy : Morguefile


A hot cup of tea, early morning breeze and the chirping of birds made a perfect morning the next day. Seated next to each other, gazing the sky he asked, “How?” To which she replied, “Emergencies come anytime but it is the presence of mind, that moment of brilliance that makes the difference and winked."

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Friday, 10 May 2013

Written by: Rishi Vohra
Published by: Jaico Books
ISBN: 978-81-8495-305-3
Genre: Fiction
No. of Pages: 266
Price: INR 175

Synopsis: "Autistic, Schizophrenic, Psychotic...", these are the words used to describe Babloo aka Balwant Srivastav apart from Vandana, his love. She treats him the way he wants the world to see him. A random twist of fate on Mumbai's endless, serpent-like, jangling local train tracks ties the central characters Babloo, Vandana and 'The Rail Man' together in a complex weave of love, heartbreak and courage. 

Babloo draws the reader into his fascinating, heart-rending journey through the twisted, choked lanes of Mumbai especially Bandra, into an open space where he can finally exhale, be born again.

Review: This novel is a first person narrative by Babloo who lives along with his parents and younger brother in a railway quarter, next to the tracks of the Bandra Station. Though he lives with his family, he is always aloof from them. Suffering from autism he finds it difficult to cope with things and thus is detached from his family. Everyone considers him useless and burden. But the fighter he is, he is determined to prove himself but not sure how. With limited to none at all interaction with others, he passes his time by watching C grade films in a nearby theater and looking forward for an interaction with Vandana with whom he sees his future.

Babloo takes us through his fascinating journey from days where his only aim being a small interaction with his dream girl to discovering an ambition and determination in his life to do something productive for himself and the society by large only to woo the only Love of his life, Vandana.

The first person narrative style used by author is crisp, clear and easy to the eyes. The author has a clear grip on the story with a steady pace without letting any dull moment whatsoever. 

There were many moments where I desperately wished it should not go this way with lots of oh no's and oh yes. 

The quote : "She has big expressive eyes which changed size innumerable times during each episode of her favourite soap opera." took the cake.

The character of Babloo is superbly etched and well researched. His moments of Q&A with himself, inability to understand difficult, speedily spoken words and the ways in which he makes his life simple yet enjoyable makes him an endearing character. All the characters, situations, twists and turns are well placed. 

The author's love for the city of Mumbai as well as Bollywood can be clearly seen with his description of various roads and places with ease, references to Amul hoardings along with striking similarities with a superstar. 

Overall: A different and a refreshing love story said with ease with similarities which one can easily relate to one-selves, be it the railway colony, the roads and trains, the characters and the emotions. A perfect recipe for an entertaining evening! Highly recommended!!

Ratings on:
  • Plot: 3.5/5
  • Characterization: 5/5 (Which is rare)
  • Writing: 4/5
  • Entertainment: 4/5
  • Overall: 4/5

Cheers! Keep Smiling! Spread Love! Embrace Life!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

He traveled in search
Beacon dreams and aspirations
New faces and place

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Friday, 3 May 2013

A photograph is a gateway to all those sweet, naughty and wonderful memories that you have had during your lifespan. It is a source, a medium to re-live all those moments and cherish it like never before.

So, here I am, with one of my cherished pics!!
Who Am I

This photo of me was taken when I was 8-9 years old in a studio. It was a fancy dress competition organised by my school. Mom always said that she wanted to see me dressed as a girl once. So with a wide grin on her face, she utilized this opportunity to dress me as a 'half lady and half man.'

So on that morning, I did infinite merry-go-rounds to let mom eventually come out with this master piece after almost an hour. And believe me, not even for once did I see myself in the mirror as I was exhausted to even move an inch.

Pardon me for this terrible scared expression on my face as I was made to dress like this against my wishes. I feared that my classmates would tease me. But on winning the first prize all fears turned into smiles as I ran and hugged my Mom who was jumping and smiling in joy. 

Pictures do make you emotional and so does this one as I had received my first prize ever and secondly I had never seen my Mom so happy before. Was it the prize or was it me dressed like above, I frankly don't know. But whatever it is still we both sit together with this photo and have our "Who Am I" time to re-live those special moments.


I would like to know form these three bloggers about their most cherished photo as they would definitely have some beautiful memories to share about their photo.

The details of 'One Picture From My Photo Album Contest!' can be found here.

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