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Monday, 25 March 2013

Meek surrender first endured

Disappointment, fortitude

Vengeance and lady luck


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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Heart skips a beat
Long hair, luscious lips 
Cacophony of emotions run 

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Cheers. Keep smiling. Embrace Life. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Written by: Rochak Bhatnagar
Published by: General Press
Genre: Fiction/Romance
ISBN: 9789380914350
No. of Pages: 183
Price: 125 INR
Synopsis: On one side is a friend in need, while on the other the 'love of his love'. On one side is his past, while on the other his present, his 'future'. On one side is a dying girl, while on the other his happiness, his life, his girlfriend, his soul-mate'. On one side is humanity, while on the other that feeling, 'Love'. A tough decision, tough indeed to choose between the two of them. Time is running out.. whom will he choose?
Review: This book consists of various chapters divided into three parts. There are three main protagonist in the story namely Rishi, Ananya and Pragya. The first two parts are about Love and how does it feel being in Love, with the 'Love of your life'. The story revolves around Rishi and Ananya who are deeply and madly in love with each other. They are an ordinary couple just like others with an equal share of love, fights and then patching up again to be there and love each other for eternity. 
Unable to devote ample time to her love due to some project activity, Ananya decides to give a surprise visit to his place only to find him with Pragya. Thus leading to the break up of the most lovely couple. The third part is about how Rishi is torn between Ananya, his love and Pragya who is fighting AIDS and how he eventually loses both of them.
Writing: The writing is crisp and clean without any grammatical errors. It brings out almost all the desired emotions perfectly. The amount of love Rishi has for Ananya and vice versa has been brought out very well. The pain and sufferings Pragya has to go through her in life is just heart wrenching. But most importantly when Rishi lets his heart out to a prostitute about what lead to the separation is simply superb. Crisp, straight and up to the point. Also, this book seems to be a continuation of the author's previous book 'Love Happens only Once' but it never comes to light, such is the author's story telling and story line.
Overall: Am glad that I picked up this book to read. It's a definitely must read for all those who are in love and likes romance as a genre. The story is not at all bold and thus can be read by all and one. It has the powers to move a human being, understand what love truly is and will leave you with your eyes filled. Yes, that is the power of the author's story and writing. It has all the making of a Yash Raj movie. So do read and indulge yourself in some fun, smiles, romance, pain, sufferings and overall Love.
Ratings: 4/5*
Cheers. Be happy. Spread smiles. Embrace Life.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bloodshed, killings, loss of lives
The pain and the sufferings
Only remembered
Note: This is my first attempt in writing Haiku. So please shower some love with your views and suggestions. :) Thanks!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Written by: Shailendra Singh
Published by: RUPA Publications
Genre: Non Fiction, Self Help
ISBN: 978-81-291-2388-6
No. of Pages: 234
Price: 195 INR
Synopsis: Don't know where are you headed? Don't know what you want in life? Are you completely lost? Don't know when was the last time you smiled and/or had a good time? Are you completely screwed up in life? If yes, then say the following words loudly at least ten times and if no, still say it (bolne mein kya jata hain?)
F?@K Knows! F?@K Knows! F?@K Knows! F?@K Knows! F?@K Knows! F?@K Knows! F?@K Knows! F?@K Knows! F?@K Knows! F?@K Knows!
Yes, all the answers to the above questions and their siblings can be found out in this amazing book called 'F?@K Knows'.  Just by saying those words loudly can help you to get relieved from all the troubles, tensions, pressures life throws at you and thus can read the book with a calm, composed mind to get the answers to the questions.
Review: This book spreads across 73 small chapters with apt title and corresponding insight into the answers of the questions life asks us. Through this book, the author tries to tell or convey to us that it is only US who know the answers to our various questions. No one else can help you in finding the right answers. And you sort of get the right answers most of the time by following your heart and not what your dad says or did. And for a much better understanding the author has advised to read the book on the basis of chapters and not on the whole.
The author starts with narrating his life and gives his own example or experience or situations he faced and thus the quest for finding the answers. Thus having an instant connect with the readers. There is also a phrase/ idiom just below the title of the chapter making it much simpler to understand. Below are the few of those which strikes the right cord and makes an instant connect: 
  1. You don't have as long as you think
  2. Learn to trust yourself, you will sleep better at night
  3. Use your mind, don't let it use you
  4. Everytime you say 'yes' to something useless, you say 'no' to something that is bloody important
  5. Problems are nothing but solutions in a mask of fear and anxiety
Then there are few chapters which will really make you think twice, infact thrice to assess your life, where are you heading and make the necesary changes to lead the life desired by you.
Chapters like 'Math of life' where the author has taken the help of 'death' to make readers understand the topic and 'Conservation with God' are the highly recommended chapters to be read.
The writing is simple and clean without any gramatical errors. Ofcourse the usage of F- Word. But that is how the modern, 21st century people connect with others. (F?@K Knows why anyone would have a problem with it.)
Overall: The book is for the urban, young India, direct to the face, witty and no nonsense. It gets straight to the point, explained with proper examples for better undersatnding from goal setting, to-do lists, love, health, wealth, listening to the heart and body, sex, knowing & undersatnding yourself, speaking, shutting up, understand the mind-brain-heart functions, career, aspirations, thinking, doing, values, morals, happiness, sadness, smiles and so on.
I recommend this book for all, for all the knowledge to be gathered on how to live life. And yes, as the author puts, it's time for us to do some 'khud khushi'.
Rating: 3.5/5*
Cheers. Be Happy. Spread Smiles. Embrace Life.

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Friday, 8 March 2013

This post has been first published for Parentous.
Putrarthe Kriyathe Varja is an ancient Sanskrit phrase which means, “we marry with the sole aim to have a son to keep the clan progressing”. This was the blessings that one of the relatives of my friend gave her some few days back.
And blessings in its more refined version kept coming at her till she finally conceived. What shocked me was none of the relatives (read aged 60+) actually blessed her with a baby girl or just a healthy baby! She was lucky to have a broad-minded family in the environment full of ancient thoughts and beliefs.
What is even more shocking is that such ancient thought process is still finding place in the hearts and minds of 21st century India. India, where most grandparents know to operate a cell phone, where women from various strata of society nowadays are employed and earning and are making a mark in their respective fields, where things around them have drastically changed, standard of living has increased but the thinking and the thought process have not changed. In spite of they themselves being a viewer of the change in society, it is surprising that they stick to this old age idiom so rigidly.
Extremely lucky are those who have very supportive in-laws, who do not differentiate between a boy and a girl and who are not obsessed with this nonsense. Even there are cases of high society people going for sex determination tests, having drugs like Misoprostol and so on only to find out whether the child is a boy or a girl. The amount of education doesn’t matter here (report). It seems that even if you have all the degrees in the world, the learning will only fall on deaf ears. This is one of the instances where our education system has failed drastically. And then to make it worse you have daily soaps like ‘Balika Vadhu’ airing prime time on national television!! It simply cannot get worst than this.
Despite of many living women role models in front of us, the majority still prefers a boy child because they feel he will carry forward the name of the family and look after parents in their old age while the girl will get married and go to another family. There are in fact so many examples before us that girls remain emotionally attached to their parents even after they get married while it is the boys who tend to go away or just be there out of a sense of duty, but people don’t seem to understand this.
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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sunday, 3 March 2013

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Disclaimer: This post is for those who have a sense of humour and it is a work of pure fiction and sense of imagination. Also this post is strictly for adults.

It was his strong masculine physique that made him famous among ladies and the art of narrating his various sexcapades with his wife made him famous among the men. Thus making him the most 'In demand' colleague of ours and ofcourse known as Mr. Casanova.

I clearly remember his narration of his first night among few close friends and me being one of them.

"We started with gentle kisses and touch and sooner to grope; from sofa to bed. I turned the lights off, leaving only the table lamp to glow. I reached out to the various contours, feeling all the curves, undressing her to go deep within. Same was with her as her straddled my lips and ran her mouth all over my body making me moan in pleasure. The very next moment I reach her and let off the straps of her Loveable. I run down by hands on her bare body while kissing deep and fondle with her breasts before enjoying it one by one. She moaned as I relished her hard nipples. Moistness all around. Thrust after thrust, deeper and more deeper we made love for the first time."

This had left all of us hard and juicy as we listened to him in rapt attention like never before.


After few months we all were again ready to listen to his adventures, no; not of any long adventurous vacation but his sex adventures. And he started:

"It was dark, way past midnight as we were strolling around the beach, enjoying the calmness along with the sound of waves reaching the shores. It was pure bliss to find such calmness here in Mumbai, he added. Hands were held tight as talks ranged from past to present with hands getting touchy and playful.

A sudden rush of excitement was felt in me when she had it in her hands, feeling the strong erectness, her eyes saying it before her words could. I loosen her hair, take her closer to me and feel the sensual curves while burying my lips against hers. I pushed her against a pillar as different sensation spirals in my body. Probably of having sex under the open sky with the most beautiful lady ever! I start unbuttoning her blouse, feeling her bare back. Meanwhile she unbuttons my jeans and reaches my shaft and take it in her mouth. Licking. Tasting. As I moan in pleasure begging to stop. She stood up and gave me a long passionate kiss. A kiss to devour, to cherish. My one hand tracing the contours of her cleavage while the other was looking for an entry to find places deep within. I then tear open her bra, getting rid of all the clothes on her and vice versa as I take her breast deep into my mouth. Groaning. Louder, much louder. I then lift her up allowing her to wrap her legs around my waist. I look at those beautiful eyes as it eases in ready to move. Slow. Moan. Quick. Deep. Movements that one can envy of. We embraced, felt eachother and sat on the sand naked staring the stars."

This story of his left all of us spell bound with both eyes and mouth wide open, feeling the strength of steel under our pants, waiting to be released.

There were many stories of his sexcapade which made most of us envy and jealous. And all of us including me were eager to meet that beautiful lady of whom he narrates to us. So almost after a year we all got an opportunity to meet the lady at the annual celebrations of our company.

Singles occupied the bar whereas the couples were busy interacting and introducing themselves to others. And I was the one seated with a glass of wine in a way that gives a clear view of the entry in anticipation of seeing that gorgeous lady first than others.

After sometime I saw both of them at the entry gate and my eyes immediately fell on her completely ignoring her better half. She was looking drop dead gorgeous draped in a red saree, with a deep neckline waiting to grab the eyeballs which surely did and a bare back. The open one sided hair added to her beauty and the stilettos completed her look.

He introduced her to me and immediately sparks flew of. Hands shaked and eyes met. This continued till someone interrupted and we came back to our senses. A sudden rush of excitement felt in me. Yes, she was looking extremely beautiful, sexy and completely desirable where one cannot take his eyes of her. But I felt something amiss. Though she smiled and kept a smiling face all through the evening, her eyes and mind seemed to be completely lost somewhere else.

After some time when all were busy talking with others, discussing, laughing and drinking, a wine steward came towards me offering me a drink. Initially I hesitated to drink but then I said yes. He put the glass on the table and a small piece of paper alongside and left. Looking here and there, wondering what was going on, I opened it and it read : "Come immediately to the conference hall on the first floor".

I was perplexed as what to do as the note didn't mention the name of the sender. I wondered what it may be. May be some bad news for me or it might be a personal discussion or even a prank. What? What it can be? I left my seat and went accordingly towards the conference hall desperately seeking answers.

I opened the door and it was completely dark inside. I relaxed and thought it to be a prank and was about to shut the door when a voice came, " Please come in, Surya". I shuddered. It was a voice of some lady asking me to come in. But why are the lights switched off, I asked myself? Slowly I let my foot forward, cautious and scared. As the door shut a ray of light emerged from the top, falling on the most beautiful lady of the evening, Chandni. Yes, it was her. Standing ahead of the conference table with her hands on the table and her legs crossed.

I was completely in complete shock on seeing her all alone. I stood there itself like a statue with a bewildered expression on my face. She asked me to come forward towards her and my feet automatically moved towards her as if I was remote controlled robot.

Without uttering a word, she took me closer to her and whispered,"Show me that you are a man". On hearing this my eyes were left wide open and in complete shock with mind and heart not knowing what to do. Soft music started to play as she pulled me by my waist, so near that I could see a small birth mark below her nose. She cupped my balls and rubbed it against her thighs. And I could feel the hardness, yearning. I pushed her on the table, with frantic kissing all over her body, completely messing up with her saree. I rip apart her blouse, cup her breasts and suck. The clothes were off and unimaginable lust took over.

As I started to stroke and feel the warmth and softness inside, a big loud noise was heard as she screamed in pain. It was her first time! She was a virgin!

For the first time in my life I had experienced something what is called as 'Truth is stranger than fiction.'
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Rohan Kachalia.