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Friday, 30 November 2012

So my better half has already selected her ensemble for this festive season and don't you guys think it's perfect and beautiful? To find out what she has selected click here.

Now since this blog is jointly authored by both of us, even I thought of putting the best ensemble for this festive season by logging on to www.shoppersstop.com And this is how my ensemble looks like..

Traditional look for Festivals and other special occasions


The above ensemble gives a traditional cum trendy look with a turquoise colour kurta and a maroon pyjama which is something different from the rest. Apart from the colour, the design of the kurta made me to have it in my ensemble. Then there is a stole matching with the pyjama giving a final touch to the traditional look. Then I have selected a yellow plated stainless steel ring which adds to the fashion quotient yet being simple and elegant. I have selected a pack of 5 premium handkerchiefs specifically to be used on occasions. Then there is a Titan watch with a purple belt which goes with the look. And finally the jutis which completes the look.
This ensemble can specifically be used for any special occasion like Diwali, Traditional Day at workplace or even during morning weddings. 
Look for Wedding Reception & Business Parties



So my ensemble is complete after selecting 12 items in all! I have gone for this Suit because of the colour Black which suits all the occasions be it formal or semi formal including wedding receptions. Along with it there is also a waist coat which can act as a substitute in case of the coat. You can look best in waist coat when it is a formal dinner party at office if you don't feel like wearing the coat. Along with it I have selected a formal blue shirt that goes with the colour of the suit and fits all the occasion.
Then the Espirit watch is classy, trendy and yet formal at the same time. The Bulchee reversible belt can be used in either colours black or brown. Now comes the fragrance. I have personally been using this DKNY perfume and have never changed to other brand since last 4 years. It is must for a special occasion. The cuff links can be used to give a modern look to your attire.
The cross pen can add a value when you are attending an important business meeting or can be used as a style statement. A pair of socks to match the attire. Then I have the Tie which has to compliment with the shade of the shirt and must for a formal occasion. I have selected the wallet based on the colour and design which I feel is unique. Then comes my another favourite, The Wayfarers. It gives a completely different look to your attire. But the only thing I wish is to wear it in weddings and that too at the evening. (Yes, I have seen people wearing it and wants some opinion on it.) Then the formal shoes which is trendy and serves the purpose.
These are the two ensembles which can be used on various occasions. What do you guys think about it?
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Rohan Kachalia 

Thursday, 29 November 2012

We all know that India is rich in culture and traditions and people love to celebrate and enjoy the culture and traditions in the most elegant and classy way. So for celebrating these cultures and traditions one thing that goes with it is having an ensemble that is perfect for such occasions. And we have many reasons for having a perfect ensemble; weddings, festivals, parties, get-together and so on.
There was a time when getting that perfect ensemble was a bit tedious task. You have to move from lanes to lanes, from shops to shops in getting that desired ensemble. But that is the thing of the past with online shopping catching up like a hot cake. It saves time and energy, can enjoy COD and moreover you get discount in some form which all Indian buyers love it.
And here, I have now been offered a chance to select and put together my favourite ensemble from Shoppers Stop. And my selection of clothes and other accessories to get that traditional yet stylish ensemble for this festive season is depicted below.

Look for Parties, Festivals and Get-togethers


I have picked up the above Churidar set as it is vibrant and colourful adding colour to my ensemble this festive season. The colour combination of pink and yellow with a green dupatta goes well with my taste. The embroidered yoke, the mandarin collar and the net dupatta gives it a classy and an elegant look.
Then to pick the accessories was a difficult task as it has to compliment well with the above Churidar set. So I selected the pink and green pendant set with similar earrings. The Titan Raga Collection watch is the best pick for me as it goes with any occasion and moreover adds to the elegance of the entire look. And wearing a gold bangle on the other hand enhances the look and also gives a traditional feel. The Baggit bag selected is classy and goes with the Churidar Dupatta Set. And finally the Lemon sandals selected completes the ethnic look and yet looks classy at the same time.
Look for Wedding - Reception 



In this ensemble I have tried to give the wedding look as post Diwali marks the onset of the wedding season. And what better than to drape in nine yards. It is only in Sarees where the women looks most gorgeous and accompanied by other accessories enhances her beauty more than before. And so I have chosen this stone embroidered shaded kandora Saree which gives a colourful and modern look in spite of being traditional. And if noticed closely the border bears a design which is almost similar to the design of pendant, earrings, ring and watch.
Gold and diamond jewellery is the preferred choice in the wedding since time immemorial and thus have selected the various ornaments. My choice being Asmi 18KT gold pendant with 0.16 carat diamond and Cygnus diamond earrings. Nose pin adds to the beauty of a woman and hence have selected the Sparkles nose pin. The ring is also selected keeping in mind the design and the look. And no better than a Titan Raga collection watch which is smart, trendy and yet traditional. The Haute Curry bag selected has a traditional style and is Eco friendly. And have selected the Lemon high heel sandals keeping in mind the length of the Saree which goes with the entire look.
This sums up my perfect festive choice. And what about you? 
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Hetal Kachalia

Monday, 26 November 2012

This poem is dedicated to all those brave soldiers who fight against all odds and lay their life in protecting people and motherland from it's enemies. A small note of Thank you for being there; offering our support and strength! Especially the martyrs of 26/11 Mumbai Attack. 
To the one who is far away,
Who has the deepest love for the terrain,
Whose chest swells even with minimum appreciation,
But is devoured by a war or a terrorist attack,
We are there for you! Thank you!
From being an epitome of sacrifice,
To generating the strength synonym to Himalayas,
Who stays awake to give us a sound sleep,
For whose safety we daily pray,
We are there for you! Thank you!
Ignorant of his own's family state most of the time,
Be it during the scorching heat or cold night,
During the festivals or a political rally,
Who never says no and is always on the move,
We are there for you! Thank you!
Putting his life on the line,
And making things better for people like us,
Cursed most of the time for 'n' reasons,
But it is only you on whom we rest our fortunes,
We are there for you! Thank you!

Friday, 23 November 2012


The Bankster by Ravi Subramanian
Published by Rupa Publications
ISBN: 978-81-291-2048-9 
No. of pages: 358
Price: 250 INR
Genre: Fiction
Synopsis: Three different plots in three different cities namely Angola, Kerala and Mumbai are intertwined with few of the employees of the Greater Boston Global Bank (GB2). In Angola a covert CIA agent is about to exchange weapons for blood diamonds whereas in Kerala an elderly man will do whatever it takes to fulfil a promise made to dying son. And in Mumbai an international bank is stunned by the mysterious deaths of its key employees.
Bankers build their careers on trust, or so everyone thinks, till a series of murder rock the GB2 putting it's reputation at stake. Who is behind these killings? What is the motive? Is the banker at GB2 fast turning into a bankster? Or was he always one? In this maze of puzzles, questions and murders the John Grisham of banking takes us through a gripping thriller in the quest of solving those puzzles, questions and murders.
Review: The book cover bears the tagline 'Meet the John Grisham of Banking'. So when Ravi Subramanian is referred as the John Grisham of banking the expectations from the book gets doubled even though I have never read any of his previous publications.
So with much expectations and excitement, I started reading the book. There are three stories set in three different cities with a prologue on things happening in Angola and Kerala. The main plot is in Mumbai whereas the other two parts are smaller although forming an integral part of the story.
The pace is set and there is not a single dull moment in the entire read. The easy narration and style of writing coupled with use of Hinglish makes it a comfortable read. Not even for a once you feel like taking a break from reading, it's that interesting with unpredictable twists and events gripping you page by page.
The climax is the best part of the book for me as it is even more gripping with lots of twists and turns leading to answers from the maze of puzzles.
For once the facet of corporate life mentioned within the plot which exists not only in the banking sector but almost everywhere seems so real and can relate to.
The book is a must read for some edge of the seat thriller as it has all the ingredients for it. It is highly advisable to read it at one go to understand the plot and characters better else have to flip over the pages again for better understanding on the plot.
There are slight glimpses of poor proof reading noticed which could have been easily avoided.
But overall, The Bankster is simply an entertaining thriller not be missed!!
My Rating: 4.5/5
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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

It is said that, “Parents are their children’s first and best teachers.” It is only through the watchful guidance of parents, the child learns to speak properly and behave appropriately in front of everyone. But what happens when the parents start becoming too protective of their children, when the watchful eye becomes too possessive and are always worried even for the petty things?
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Saturday, 3 November 2012

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Watching through the window pane sipping through a cup of coffee
Gazing through the things around I let my mind take control over me
Cool breeze blowing making the leaves to sway, dancing to its tune
Just as Life makes us dance through its tune with or without grace
Flock of birds flying higher and higher with the aim to stay united and enjoy
Asking answers for questions still unanswered...
"Why can't we stay united and enjoy life?
Why do we need to fight even on the petty issues?
Is it difficult to forget things and move on in life?"
Children enjoying even the smallest of the small success while playing
While we ignore to celebrate even the biggest day of our lives
A young couple sitting on the porch talking incessantly with smiles in between,
Enjoying a quality time
Whereas we see the emoticons on our Apple or BBM,
And in between share a few words face to face
Making us too close to the gadgets and far way from the people in our lives
By gazing through the window, I got answers to many of the questions
Which life throws upon us
But it is up to us to understand and catch those answers
Before Life itself becomes a big question to us