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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The 2008 Noida Double Murder Case is one of the most talked about and highly controversial murder case. Lots of things have been said publicly by prominent personalities. Many people have put forth their views on the same and now Meghna Gulzar has come up with a motion film on the same subject, titled, TALVAR. It is a dramatization of the real life events revolving around the Aarushi Talwar murder case investigation. 

After having read so many views and opinions on leading dailies, I was pretty much high on the expectations from the film. With an ensemble of some solid and proven performers, I was all the more intrigued on how such a sensitive and mind boggling case would be shown on the big screen. 

Much to my expectation, the movie did a fabulous job with respect to putting across and highlighting the murder without much fuss and in a subtle yet effective way. I was simply engrossed in a way the actors have played their part with a tight control on the body language which is highly important while portraying an incident that has actually happened.

The movie shows the multiple viewpoint of the investigating officers and offers a perfect dramatization of those backing them with facts. Right from the start, if you are keenly watching the film, you will figure out the minute differences which plays a major role in the investigation shown in the film. The movie primarily shows the dogged pursuit of the investigating officer played by Irrfan Khan towards finding the actual culprit. What did strike to me was, how the police, the media and the in-fighting among the investigative agency play their part in finding facts and presenting them.


For me, as a viewer, the film has done justice exceedingly well in almost all the departments. Right from the screenplay, to the background score, to the dialogues, to the editing, to the acting and finally to the direction. Each and every department has contributed equally in coming out with a product that is actually hard hitting in some way or the other. 

The other thing which kept me engaged in the movie is the suspense that has been maintained at each and every stage. For not even once, I felt that I could foresee or predict the next scene. Or rather if I could, I would have been sitting next to Vishal Bhardwaj, the script writer of the movie and assisting him, isn't it? This, really is highly commendable.

Of course there are some brilliant performances, but Irrfan Khan simply takes the cake away with his stellar on screen presence, dialogue delivery and his overall strong and effective performance. 

Talvar kept me on the edge of the seat as it took me through some hard hitting performances along with plenty of questions to take home and ponder upon. 

Overall, I had a superb movie watching experience with much substance to make it one of the best movies that I have ever seen this year. 

Ratings: ****/5 - A must watch film with family and friends for a gripping story and stellar performances. Not to be missed under any circumstances.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs. It starts right at an early age, to the age where you as a parent feel that the child is now capable to take own decisions. As a new parent, I understand that there are plenty of things you need to teach to the toddler. Sometimes you will pass with flying colors and sometimes you will be left bewildered and without any clue on how to teach your kid.

Iyanla Vanzant has rightly said that, 'Parents are teachers, guides, leaders, protectors and providers for children'. Moreover, parenting isn't a practice. It's a daily learning experience. So you see, it gets pretty tough to make your kids learn something new and with thousands of options to choose from, it makes all the more difficult. So what to do?

There is an app called 'KleverKid' to calm you down. The app has all the options you can look out for your child based on the child's interests. Isn't that relieving and stress busting as a parent? 

So what is KleverKid? KleverKid is a one stop solution for finding a best program for the kids. It is essentially an after-school activities app. It helps parents in finding some great after-school activities going on in the area of residence. The app allows you to find various programs and activities available in your city based on the child's interest. So you have, sports, arts, dance, music, academics and many more options to choose from, while looking out for your child's interest. The app covers every area of interests that can entice a child to learn and excel in that particular field. Currently, the services are only available in Bangalore and Delhi NCR, with plans of launching the services to other cities as well.

KleverKid is also nicknamed as the Zomato of learning, where it helps bridging the gap between parents and the after-school activities. 

All you have to do is select an area of the child's interest, along with the location. Having done that, the app will provide you a list of classes and activities with the cost and the duration of the classes. The cost and the duration makes it pretty easier to choose from the list of options that the app gives.

The app is easy to use, both for the service provider and the parents, who are the service seeker. The app has a good User Interface that is easy on the eyes. Thus, it is easy to navigate between various options that are available to choose from. Moreover, each and every program provides the necessary detail, along with pictures, which helps in understanding more about the program. This eventually helps in selecting the best possible program for the kid.

From the above pictures, you can see how easy it is to select a program from the city and area of your residence. Once you punch in the required details, you will see a list of services provided by different service providers. Clicking on one of them will lead you to a detailed description of the activity. Moreover, KleverKid will give you the course fees, duration and timings which can help you to plan better depending upon your child's school timings.

So overall, KleverKid  is an extremely helpful app for all the parents who are looking out for some after-school activities for their wards and help them in developing their creative side and taking it to a new level altogether. 

Ratings: ****/5

Overall: KleverKid is a highly recommended app for the parents who want their wards to excel in their life. 

Monday, 28 September 2015


New to parenthood, I was and I am still worried about the best diapers to choose for my kid. Apart from the fit and size, what matters is the product quality, its softness and the overall capacity to soak all the excess and yet keep it dry in the inside.

I consider myself lucky enough to witness the product launch of Pampers Premium Care Pants. With lots of questions in my mind, I was pretty much intrigued as the launch was described as 'Softest For Baby Skin'. Moreover, I have never used pants as a diaper. So I was all the more excited to know more about the #SoftestForBabySkin product first-hand and in detail.


The event was held at J W Marriott, Sahar, on 20th of September. The entrance and the stage were nicely decorated with set with pictures and play cards of babies all around. It was a nice little cozy environment filled with plenty of moms and few dads who were very much keen on discovering what was planned for the next couple of hours.

As I took my seat, I saw three vertical boxes placed one upon another, labelled as 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Also on the table, were remotes, note pads to scribble. tissues and water bottles. The boxes and the remote kept us guessing and built the surprise element extremely well.

Finally, with light, camera and action, actress Mandira Bedi arrived on stage as the host for the afternoon. She was all smiles and glamorous in her look, as she took us through some of her experiences with respect to parenting and choosing a good diaper. She gave a brief history of Pampers and how it is associated with child care. 


To talk more about parenting, especially in the child's early stage, and the importance of choosing a good diaper, she introduced to us a panel of three experts. Actress and celebrated mother, Tara Sharma, Ajita Seethepalli, a child sleep consultant and Dr. Wei Sing Long, an R&D expert from Pampers were on stage to talk more on the subject.


They started talking about motherhood and shared their personal experiences of raising their own child and the troubles that they faced while selecting a perfect diaper for their respective kids. They talked about the importance of a diaper as compared to the cloth ones and I was almost nodding in agreement to their discussion. Being used a cloth diaper during the initial period on my child, because of the so called tradition that has been going on since centuries, I was now very upbeat about the new product from Pampers.

Furthermore, Dr. Wei Sing Long talked about the importance of a soft baby skin in an infant baby and how vital it is to maintain that softness of the baby skin. Starting right from the birth to the early stages, it is important to provide the child with total comfort and care when it comes to skin. 

So to check, if the parents understand what softness mean, we were first asked to open the slits of the three boxes placed on the tables. Then, without viewing the product placed in the boxes, we had to simply feel the product and use the remote to vote for the box that contained the softest product that we felt. We had no idea where the Pampers diaper was kept and almost majority of us voted for the box 2. No prizes for guessing that it was Pampers. 


Finally, the product New Pampers Premium Care Pants was launched by the panelists which is touted to be 'as soft as mom's touch'. This new Pampers Pants have a super soft waist band that sits on the waist comfortably without leaving any rashes along with superior wetness soaking capabilities to provide dryness from the inside.


This blog post is written for the Pampers  #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

About the Book:
His family is being held to ransom by a deadly mastermind. 

Vikram never should have left his family, but when Vikram's father brings his half-brother Vishal home, life will never be the same. Vikram thinks things will be better now that he's gone. He's met the love of his life, his future looks bright and then everything is shattered. Now, his family's life is hanging in the balance, and only Vikram can do what needs to be done to save them. From the bestselling dystopian fiction author with over 200 reviews and ratings of her dystopia books across Goodreads, Amazon and other retailers. 

If you’re looking for books like Hunger Games, then this dystopia romance series, The Ruby Iyer Series is it.

Book Links:
Goodreads I Amazon

An exclusive excerpt and GIVEAWAY from The First Life of Vikram Roy
The Ruby Iyer Series—by Laxmi Hariharan

When I begin to unbutton my shirt, Ash looks at me with raised eyebrows.
"Really?" She smirks. "In such a hurry?"
"It's not what you think." I bite out the words. 
Before she can ask any further questions, I wrap the shirt around my fist and use it to break off the jagged pieces of glass on the pane. Then, pushing my arm through the square, I open the lock of the window from inside. Opening it, I grab hold of the window ledge and heave myself over, falling over promptly on the other side. 
I am stunned, but bounce back on my feet quickly. Coughing out the dust which streams over my face, I tell Ash, "Come on to the front door." 
Running to the front door, I pull at the old-fashioned wooden bar which is placed across it. Pleased when it comes away in my hand, I open the door, panting with the exertion of pulling at the heavy wood. Then, grinning, I bow to Ash, who is standing at the threshold. 
"Come in, your highness." I make a mock bow.
Ash holds her nose in the air, playing her part, and walks past me. It's gloomy inside but the moon is bright enough to light up the way. Ash follows me as I walk past an overturned chair, a large settee covered in plastic, and take in the paintings on the wall. 
"It's as if the family who lived here abandoned it without moving any of their possessions out," she says. Holding my hand, she drags me to the staircase.
"Where are we going?"
"On a tour, dummy. Don't you want to see what's upstairs?"
I follow her, our shoes making clattering noises on the wooden steps, then, I hear something. 
"Wait." I stop midway up the stairs.
"What?" she says loud enough for her voice to echo around the building.
"Did you hear that?"
"No." In the silence that follows, she laughs nervously. 
Then she hears it too. A soft padding from upstairs, the unmistakeable noise of nails dragging on the wooden floor. We look at each other wide-eyed. A chill runs up my back, and the hairs on my forearms spring upright.
"Come on, we have to find out what it is." Grinning wickedly, Ash leaps ahead and runs, dragging me along. 
"Ash, honestly," I mutter, more scared than I'd like to admit. 
We cross the landing of the first floor and walk towards the open door leading to the room on the far side. Once again, there's the sound of dragging footsteps. I swallow nervously in the darkness, but chivalry gets the better of me and I walk ahead, pushing Ash behind me. 
"Stay quiet," I whisper. 
In the dark I see the white of her eyes, rounded in fear. She is not as unafraid as she makes out to be. We slip into the room. The shadows here are darker, and it takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. Then I hear a low growl and the padding sound comes towards me, a flash of black and yellow spots. 
"Ash!" I push her out of the way and jump, covering her with my body just as a leopard leaps past us, making for the door. 
"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I swear. 
My heart is beating so hard it threatens to leap out of my chest. I look up to the door and am relieved to find there's no sign of the leopard. Ash's body is shaking below mine. Her heart, too, is thumping hard, slamming against me. I can't tell where her pulse stops and mine begins. 
"Goddammit, Ash!" I look down; worried she is having a seizure, or worse. Her face is scrunched up.
"Oh my God, are you okay?" My voice comes out all high-pitched.
"Yes. No," her voice quivers in reply. She opens her eyes finally and I realise she is laughing, silently. At me. Again.
Something snaps inside of me and I know there is no turning back. Not today.
"That was a-a—"
"Leopard," I say 
"Gho-st?" she asks at the same time.
"Yeah, that's our ghost," I say, nodding. 
I want to stay angry with her, but the sparks in her eyes draw me in completely.
Her skin scrapes across mine. Her dress is around her waist and one of my legs is between hers. My thigh brushes against her frock-covered midriff. The heat rushes at me through the cloth. I am surrounded by her smell. Awareness comes into her eyes at the same time. Her laughter dies and the blue of her eyes dart fire at me. 
"Don't go falling in love with me now." She tilts her head up.
 Her lips are curved. I want to taste them, slant my lips across her mouth. Bending down, I touch my lips to hers. Her breath tastes like oranges. And chocolate. She flings her arms around me and rams my body to her's with fierce strength. It feels as if she's vibrating, as if the shudders are running up her body and down mine.
Leopards are my favourite animals from now on.

Want to find out what happens next? Click here

About the origins of Ruby Iyer:
Growing up in Bombay, my daily commute to university was inevitably nightmarish. It's just how public transport is here. The man behind you on the bus will brush up against you. You know you are going to be felt up on a crowded train platform. All you can do is accept it and get on. Or so you think. I did too, until, a young photojournalist was raped in the centre of Bombay in broad daylight.  It made me furious. Nothing had changed in this city in all these years. Then, I had a vision of this young girl who would not back down; who would follow her instincts, stand up for herself regardless of consequences.  Thus Ruby Iyer was born. Make no mistake, Ruby’s her own person. She leads. I follow. You can download the RUBY IYER DIARIES, the prequel novelette in the series free HERE

About The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer
2015 Readers' Favorite (Bronze) YA Action
 YA Finalist 2015 IAN Book of the Year Award
Finalist 9th Annual Indie Excellence Awards

When her best friend is kidnapped, Ruby will stop at nothing to rescue him. 

Criminals run the streets of Bombay. Jam-packed with the worst degenerates. The city is a shell of the pride and joy it used to be. Ruby knows something must be done, but it isn’t until her best friend is kidnapped by the despotic Dr Braganza that she knows that she and she alone must save city, save her best friend, save the world from total destruction. Armed only with Vikram, a cop-turned-rogue they are about to embark on a road they may never return from. If you’re looking for fast-paced books like Hunger Games or dystopia fiction like Angelfall, the Ruby Iyer series is perfect for you. 

All SEPTEMBER earnings from the RUBY IYER SERIES will be donated to SAVE THE CHILDREN: SUPPORT CHILD REFUGEES OF SYRIA. All the RUBY IYER books with their brand new covers, are on SALE all this month at 99p/c & Rs 69/49. Click HERE to buy them. 

YOU can also donate to SAVE THE CHILDREN directly HERE 

About the Author:
She almost died. But when dystopia romance author Laxmi Hariharan had a near death experience, she was told to write. Laxmi is the creator of dystopian romance series, RUBY IYER SERIES (The MANY LIVES OF VIKRAM ROY - FINALIST Indie Excellence Awards, the bestselling The RUBY IYER DIARIES , The FIRST LIFE OF VIKRAM ROY, The SECOND LIFE OF RUBY IYER & VIKRAM ROY, PANKY's FIRST LIFE), and the Amazon bestselling, eLit Gold winner, The Destiny of Shaitan (Bombay Chronicles, 1). If you're looking for books like Divergent and Angelfall, you'll love the RUBY IYER SERIES.

Laxmi writes books similar to Hunger Games while listening to electronica & progressive rock, and downing innumerable cups of extra sweet ginger-chai. She is also an avid photographer of street art and believes she was a tree -- a redwood -- in her past life. London is where she creates. Bombay is what fires her imagination. 

Receive a free copy of THE RUBY IYER DIARIES when you sign up to her Newsletter 

The First Life of Vikram Roy, The THIRD book in the RUBY IYER Series, launches this month. To celebrate the launch of the FIRST LIFE OF VIKRAM ROY I am giving away a $30 gift card. Winner will be drawn, Oct 1, 2015, and announced in my next newsletter.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Name of the Book: MEGHNA
Author: Sundari Venkatraman

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1. Rubina Ramesh
2. Inderpreet Kaur Uppal 
3. Meghan Duce 

The Story:

The young and dashing Rahul Sinha lives in England with his parents, Shyam and Rajni. He is an only son of the rich banker. Rahul is totally attached to his father but does not care for his mother. Read the book to find out why….

Rahul is exulted with his efforts at work paying off and plans a holiday with his best friend Sanjay Srivastav who lives in Mumbai with his wife Reema, kids Sanya and Rehaan and most importantly, his sister, Meghna. Rahul recalls meeting Meghna just before they parted six years ago.

Meghna works for a website and also teaches modern dance as she loves it. She’s thrown for a toss when Rahul comes visiting. She had thought he had forgotten them.

But how could Rahul do that? Sanjay’s his best friend and Rahul had always treated their home as his own. Sanjay’s mother had been more of a mother to Rahul than his own. Rahul had stayed away after moving to England or so Meghna believes.

Thus begins the story between Rahul and Meghna, the teasing, the flirting, the anger, the tears… …will they find love?

You can also buy @

About The Author 

Sundari Venkatraman 

Even as a kid, Sundari absolutely loved the ‘lived happily ever after’ syndrome as she grew up reading all the fairy tales she could lay her hands on, Phantom comics, Mandrake comics and the like. It was always about good triumphing over evil and a happy end.

Soon, into her teens, Sundari switched her attention from fairy tales to Mills & Boon. While she loved reading both of these, she kept visualising what would have happened if there were similar situations happening in India; to a local hero and heroine. Her imagination took flight and she always lived in a rosy cocoon of romance over the years.

Then came the writing – a true bolt out of the blue! She could never string two sentences together. While her spoken English had always been excellent – thanks to her Grandpa – she couldn’t write to save her life.

All this changed suddenly one fine day in the year 2000. She had just quit her job as a school admin and didn’t know what to do with her life. She was saturated with simply reading books. That’s when she returned home one evening after her walk, took some sheets of paper and began writing. It was like watching a movie that was running in her head – all those years of visualising Indian heroes and heroines needed an outlet and had to be put into words. That’s how her first novel, The Malhotra Bride, took shape. While she felt discouraged when publishing didn’t happen, it was her husband who kept encouraging her not to give up.

In the meanwhile, she landed a job as Copy Editor with Mumbai Mirror. After working there for two years, she moved to the Network 18 Group and worked with two of their websites over the next six years, as Content Editor.

Despite her work schedule, she continued to write novels and then short stories and had them published in her blogs. She also blogs voraciously, writing on many different topics – travel, book reviews, film reviews, restaurant reviews, spirituality, alternative health and more.

Her first eBook Double Jeopardy – a romance novella – was published by Indireads and has been very well received by readers of romance.

In 2014, Sundari self-published The Malhotra Bride (2nd Edition); Meghna; The Runaway Bridegroom; Flaming Sun Collection 1: Happily Ever Afters From India (Box Set) and Matches Made In Heaven (a collection of romantic short stories).

2015 brought yet another opportunity. Readomania came forward to traditionally publish this book – The Madras Affair – a mature romance set in Madras.

Stalk her @
Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Author: Soumyadeep Koley

Read some reviews:

1. Priyanka Batra Harjai 
2. Mani Khanna 
3. Meghant Parmar 

The Story:

What is it like to be an unwanted girl-child in India? What is it like to be sexually harassed at a tender age of five? After being tricked and forced into prostitution, can such a woman fight back to emancipate herself from the unyielding shackles of that life, and intermingle with the ‘society?’ Or would she get lost in the sands of time like the ephemeral existence of a sand dune beset by a sandstorm?

So begins Maya’s story in the picturesque countryside of Maharashtra, where she grows up amidst cruelty and domestic violence, being an unwanted girl-child. Yet, like a lonesome beacon beset by sinister wilderness, she pursues her dreams of reaching the stars with her tiny wings. One night, a twist of fate triggers a series of incidents, when she loses everything she had—even her virginity.

Severely traumatized after her father’s death, her mother’s imprisonment, and her own gang-rape, Maya finds herself all alone in the streets of Mumbai, with wolves lurking around for raw flesh. She’s weary, but not wary. She has no sense of the fate that awaits her. What follows, would change her life forever, as also yours, as her heart wrenching, yet inspiring story echoes through time.

Inspired by true stories of survivors and real life events, ‘Her Resurrection’ bravely paints an appalling picture of the society. Heartbreaking, hopeful and immensely healing at the same time, this emotional rollercoaster through dreams, tragedy and triumph is a moving tribute to womankind. Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey with Maya?

You can also buy @

About The Author 

Soumyadeep Koley 

Soumyadeep Koley is a writer, poet, women’s rights activist and freelance photographer. As he hails from the family of an internationally acclaimed researcher and scientist, his extensive travels to different corners of India and the world have revealed the appalling status of women in this subcontinent, beseeching the dire need for a change. After graduating with Honours degree in Chemistry from Scottish Church College, Kolkata, he joined the global fight against violence on women. He has worked with Jason Jayology Jeremias, the Founder and Artistic Director of Price of Silence, New York, which employs performing arts to bring the global struggle for women’s rights to life. Soumyadeep has three years of experience in psychological counselling of domestic violence and rape survivors from India and abroad, through unique mystical and metaphysical techniques. He is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Psychology.

Stalk him @
Website | Twitter | Facebook

Go to Book No. 97 

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Name of the Book: SHAMSUDDIN'S GRAVE
Author: Paromita Goswami

Read some reviews:

1. Merril Anil 
2. Jody Ellis 
3. Vikram Pratap 

The Story:

Latika's wrecked personal front leaves her completely shattered. So when her ailing father reveals his desire to go back home, she doesn't think twice and moves to her hometown. She joins an NGO and comes across a teenager rape victim. Much against her TL, Debjyoti's wish she sets out to trace the girl with Shamsuddin's help. Will she succeed or end up in big trouble?

Shamsuddin, a daily labourer, somehow manages to thrive in the city. Meanwhile, flood devastates his house in the village. His family takes refuge in a relative's place where his wife has a tough time resisting to the advances of her brother-in-law. Can Shamsuddin arrange for an accommodation before it is too late?

Set in Guwahati amid the backdrop of flood and ethnic turmoil, "Shamsuddin's Grave", is the story of migration towards big cities for a better life.

You can also buy @

About The Author 

Paromita Goswami 

Paromita Goswami is an India based freelance writer and blogger. She also writes for various travel magazines. After a successful career in marketing in Delhi, she finally switched to writing full time in 2009. She was born in Shillong and spent her growing years in North-east India before moving to Delhi. She has a strong insight into the issues of the people in the North-east, which she successfully highlighted in her debut novel, Shamsuddin’s Grave. She is a big fan of Indian classic and loves to spend her time with her pets and family.

Stalk her @
Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Name of the Book: A MINUTE TO DEATH
Author: Ganga Bharani Vasudevan

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1. Simran Kaur 
2. Book Reviews and Promotions
3. Preethi Venugopala 

The Story:

Murder most foul or an open-and-shut case of routine suicide?

Young, vivacious and an aspiring writer, Riya wants nothing more from her longtime crush/boyfriend than to let her in on one of his exciting investigations. After all, what better source material for a book than a real life tragedy?

No-nonsense veteran cop, Rohan picks a case of probable suicide to satisfy Riya’s needs. Little does he know that there is more to this case than meets the eye.

What made the victim hang herself at the break of dawn? What is the secret that her group of friends is hiding? Will Riya be able to salvage a workable plot for her upcoming novel out of this case of seemingly simple suicide?

You can also buy @

About The Author 

Ganga Bharani Vasudevan 

Ganga Bharani Vasudevan has two award winning short films to her credit. She has published two books titled 'Just you, me and a secret' and 'A Minute to death'.

She was awarded the 'BEST URBAN CHENNAI BLOGGER' by Ecovme and Urban Tree.

She works with an MNC as an IT developer, makes short films for fun.

Stalk her @
Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Author: Tanu Jain

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2. Shree 
3. Shilpa Garg 

The Story:

When Maharaj Vidyamann Veer Singh of Samogpur's beautiful young wife vanished three years ago everyone assumed she was dead. When Veer discovers she's actually alive and well, he's determined to bring her back home to do her duty...

Meethi loved Veer passionately but felt shackled in the role of his wife. Will they overcome the obstacles to find happiness in marriage?

You can also buy @

About The Author 

Tanu Jain 

Tanu Jain is a bookaholic turned writer. A doctorate in English Literature, she hid the fact from friends and family for years that she was an aspiring writer of one of those steamy Mills and Boons. She had sent off manuscripts (returned with polite regret) much before M&B came to India. Two M&Bs (His Captive Indian Princess, 2013 and His Runaway Royal Bride, 2014) later she is currently working on her third book. Strength, kindness, honesty, optimism and love were drilled into her as a child by her parents and the first M&B that she read made her realize that these were exactly what romance novels were about! So, writing a romance novel was both emotionally and morally satisfying!

Stalk her @
Website | Facebook

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