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Saturday, 21 September 2013

And before I knew it, I had hit ‘send’.

‘If not the perfect time let me create it then’. Media will play the supporting role.

‘Time is indeed appropriate’.

PM: Kill him

Agent: Point Blank?

PM: Doesn't matter.

Next morning breaking news: ‘PM is found dead.’

Eliminating the parasite that plagues this country starts now. 

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Do I need to make them feel alive? Indeed. If I don’t, wouldn't they feel awful?

Truly Alive
Source: Google
Life had nothing to offer. Love had died aeons ago. Feelings and emotions were trampled and buried deep into insides of his heart. Only thing that was left to him was his intellect which allowed him to amass riches.

And it had started working instinctively. Outlining his master-plan with a profuse care not to get caught again, he scripted his escape route, opening the horizons of the world to be conquered.

I've arrived to strike again! He chuckled igniting their 'feeling alive' chase again.

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ready for the plunge
unknown to their parents wishes
she slid her fingers filling 
the void perpetually

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Monday, 16 September 2013

though indecisive

about his future with her
shining eyes echoing
eternal love 
ready for the plunge

This is the First part in the series of #Micropoetry on 'Love at First Sight and After'.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Rohan pushed open the door, ran straight towards his bedroom to the cabinet where his things are kept. And in an instant I could feel the aroma of his most favourite perfume fill the ambiance. 

Yes, we humans are like that. Where ever we go be it office or an important meeting or at a friend's place or a get-together or to impress someone or even at the gym or any and every place, we like ourselves to smell fresh. 

Few hours into the drive, Rohan realized some weird kind of odor emanating from the car as the smell of perfume faded. He raised his left arm to smell his arm pit but it still gave a tinge of strong Lomani that he uses. Half an hour more into the drive he started to feel suffocated and that's when I said, "Khud toh perfume laga ke mast ho, lekin apni Esteem ko kab perfume lagaoge?" 

That was it and thanks to Indiblogger I applied for the Lavender Ambi - Pur mini vent clip so that atleast he understands how it feels to have a drive with a soothing fragrance rather than a stale odor. And in few days we received the vent. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the way the vent was shipped.

The vent comes with a clip to fix it on the AC wings and a nob to turn as per our wish from low to high depending on the amount of fragrance we need. This is an apt way to control the use of the perfume as well as the quantum of fragrance in the car. Once we set the nob to high, with air-conditioner on, the entire car was filled with the aroma of Lavender and it was like Wow! The fragrance is strong yet subtle. We kept the nob on for few minutes and then turned it off just to check whether the fragrance stays and to our surprise it stayed for quite a long time.

"This is amazing. I am feeling so fresh without a tinge of stress and all happiness even after driving some 200 odd kilometers! I am totally Ambi-Pureeedddd!!!! Exclaimed Rohan. #FreshNHappy He is totally in awe of the product and so am I and has asked me to buy a new one as soon as the vent is empty. 

All the weird, rusty odors just seemed to vanish into the thin air and Lavender was what it occupied instead. The soothing, calm and wonderful fragrance is what one needs to have a stress free drive especially in traffic ridden and bumpy roads of Mumbai and Ambi Pur gives it. With a total of five flavours to select from, according to one's tastes and preferences, Ambi Pur surely knows how to keep a car smelling fresh and happy all day.

It is said, "A man has a distinctive personal scent which his wife, his children and his dog can understand." Similarly a car too must have a distinctive personal scent which his owners can understand and that can only be given by Ambi Pur." A double thumbs-up for the product!

  1. Easy to use vent
  2. Fragrance control nob
  3. No leaks
  4. Odor elimination fastly
  5. Lasts upto 30 days
  6. Refreshing fragrance 
  7. Relaxed driving experience
  1. Felt the price to be slightly on a higher side - 199 Rs for 2ml

A must have for your car for a superb odor free and a #FreshNHappy, refreshing driving experience. 

Ratings: 4/5*

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Monday, 2 September 2013

Instead of the pointers, I have attempted a set of Haiku on the topic. A little challenge to my creativity. :D :)

Here I go:

As the sun rises
Shower of Love on her cheek
Beautiful morning

Demanding schedule
Numerous excuses said
Lack of time to pray

Thoughts require to be unchained
Freed by daily reading

Aspiring to be
Writing for prominence
Thousand words daily

A firm resolve for
Stable and peaceful being
Control your temper

To lead a fit life
Child at heart and strong by limbs
Must laugh and walk daily

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Is there a thing that keeps bloggers away from books for so long? Or rather an aspiring writer? Probably none.

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends. They are most accessible and wisest of counsellors and the most patient of teachers.” Isn’t it? So presenting to you my Seven To-Read Books which I have been itching to lay my hands on.

1.    Bankerupt - Yes, the most awaited book from no non-sense, direct dil se author, The John Grisham of Banking, Mr. Ravi Subramanian. 'To get the readers hooked till the end, you need to have a murder at the beginning.' This is what he said when asked, one way to keep the readers hooked. So how many murders will Bankerupt have? Any guesses? 

2.   Like it Happened Yesterday - After reading 'I Too Had A Love Story', I have been waiting for Ravinder Singh's next. A perfect dose of feelings and emotions to run you over with Love. What better than reading Ravinder Singh on a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you haven't read any of his titles yet, grab it ASAP. By the way how many of you have cried reading 'I Too Had A Love Story?'

3.  It Started With a Friend Request – Another Love, Romance novella? Sadly or happily, yes. By now you must have guessed a little about my genre likings, right? This is the third novella by Sudeep Nagarkar and am itching to grab it soon. Though I have not read his previous ones but something within me tells me that I must start reading him pretty soon – Stories from real life incidents.

4.  Em and the Big Hoom – The Hindu Literary Price Award winner 2012, a debut novel by Jerry Pinto is a story about love and family relationships. What made me to put this book in my to-read list? The title. Yes, sometimes titles play a bigger and an important role in picking up a book to read. What’s say?

5.    She Writes – This book is a collection of short stories by 12 women writers across the country. Eager to see how the famous quotes from iconic writers have been used to come up with their own ones along with the theme Women in city, Growing up in India and The man in my life.

6.    More Ghost Stories From Shimla Hills – A horror for a change to read, refresh our systems and to be spooked! This is a novel by Minakshi Chaudhry with many short stories ready to run a chill down your spine. Stephen King can surely wait till I understand what Shimla has to give. Right?

7.   31 – A corporate thriller by Upendra Namburi is a must grab this season. Simply because of the economic tension looming around us. Will we have our jobs this season?

This is just a list of books waiting to be read pretty soon. Apart from that I would also like to read International Authors as till date I have never read any. Shocked and surprised by my confession? There may or may not be reasons to it but it is indeed true. Probably will start reading once I am sure that Indian authors have no better to deliver than their international counterparts.

Also there are few other genres that I do like to read and write. Those who know me will understand what I am saying. And for those who doesn't,  kindly read few of my posts in your spare time and you will get an idea. 


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