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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Offbeat cinema also known as parallel cinema found it's wings in early fifties. Yes, the black and white era of television where prominent filmmaker Satyajit Ray started this trend. And from there on there is no looking back.

Different varieties of films, genres, art form have been tried through offbeat cinema and that too with a modest budget. As time flied by many filmmakers did choose to raise their budget and offer interesting, hard-hitting films affecting various strata of our society. And the trend still continues.

So here I am presenting the five offbeat films of present era which according to me are must watch.

    • Udaan (2010) - One of the most intitutively written and lovingly crafted film Udaan, is packed with emotional, resonating moments that one goes through as a kid chasing dreams. A strong story telling and a perfect visual setting makes it even more wonderful to experience this flight apart from some strong hard hitting performances. A truly 'coming of age' film which is definitely a must watch for every individual.

    • Khosla Ka Ghosla (2006) - Khosla Ka Ghosla is a light hearted movie on how illlegal land grabbing takes place and the tricks applied to release the land from the land grabbers. A film which almost every middle class individual can relate to, as sometime in their lives they must have or may faced such situation. The film also won a national award for best feature film in Hindi and it speaks about the performances, story and screenplay. A must watch movie and a must to be included in every offbeat films listing.

    • Dasvidaniya (2008) - There is always a question on ones mind when he is on his death bed... Have I lived my life with full zest and enthusiasm and cherished its moments? But what, when one day you come to know you just have three months before you take the route to heaven? This film is about a 37 year old who has only three months to live his life wherein he comes out with a bucket list of ten things to do and sets out to do them. A must watch film which is also referred by its pun line 'The best Goodbye movie ever.'

    • My Brother Nikhil (2005) - This film is about the protagonist Nikhil, a state all time swimming champion, the  trials and tribulations he faces when he is diagnosed by HIV. How his life alters for the worst and how he fights it along with his sister and friend, the only two persons by his side. With very emotional, heart rendering moments this film is an eye opener for the entire society on how an HIV infected person is treated and how he should be treated. 

    • Ship of Theseus (2013) - This film explores the questions of identity, beauty, justice, meaning and death through the stories of an experimental photographer, an ailing monk and a stockbroker. The movie through its characters asks you very tough questions on the choices that you make as an individual. The move sails through effortlessly with wonderful performances all round and also touches hearts. Touted to be one of the most significant film to come out from Hindi Cinema is definitely a must watch. 


    Just like the movies above, there is another offering in Hindi Cinema in the form of Miss Lovely.

    You can check the trailer of the film below.

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    Sunday, 5 January 2014

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    The gale had slowed after what seemed like eternity. The entire surrounding was filled with dust that flew from faraway places with trees swaying dangerously, windows and doors banging, bringing the entire traffic to a halt.

    On the contrary to the mayhem outside the inside was pretty serene with just the two sipping late night coffee. He was admirably dressed in an evening robe and she was looking like a seductress in her black camisole.

    Seated across the table both the two were oblivious to the mayhem outside. Words had become superfluous as eyes did all the talking. Both continued to stare at eachother without even blinking an eyelid. Such was their ardour for eachother that lifting the coffee mug, sipping and putting it back on the table became mechanical. They only concentrated upon eachother.

    While they kept holding eachother’s gaze, their feet began a furtive flirtatious caressing. Just a touch of his feet was enough to arouse her, arouse her in a way that no one could have ever. Her pulsating face became a dash of glowing emerald that left a wickedly sheepish smile.

    ‘Thinking of me honey?’ asked a playful Aban coming from behind and placing his mug of coffee on the table. But she didn’t reply. A pat on her back brought her back from her trance.

    Aban placed the chair opposite to hers and sat. Coming straight from the shower he was dressed in an evening robe without even scrubbing his body. His damp hair and body left a cast on her as her heart skipped a beat.

    Silence reigned.

    Words became superfluous as eyes did all the talking. Both continued to stare at eachother without even blinking an eyelid. Such was their ardour for eachother that lifting the coffee mug, sipping and putting it back on the table became mechanical. They only concentrated upon eachother.

    Things were happening exactly similar to what she was dreaming off and she did realize it.

    ‘Aha.. my sixth sense is working’! She exclaimed to herself with caution enough to suppress her excitement as she had not revealed it to Aban about her talent.

    But her naughty mind decided to test her talent further.

    She continued to stare at him without blinking her eyelids for that perfect concentration to know his next move.

    But little did she know that even Aban was equal to her task as he acted in exactly similar way in which her sixth sense told her. You can term it as God’s gift for his impeccable understanding of his wife and her thought process or probably selfless and eternal love for his wife. Whatever it is, Aban certainly made sure that her so called sixth sense never failed.

    Without wasting any time Aban rose from his chair, came closer to her and with a glee on his face said,’ Are you ready for the storm darling?’


    There are stories and then there are love stories. There are love stories and then there are special love stories. As it is rightly said “Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back.

    Aban and Ada’s Love story is the special one where there is selfless love for eachother.

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    Friday, 3 January 2014

    ‘It was indeed awesome to spend some quality time with you, Aks’, she exclaimed.

    Aks simply beamed at her and speeded with one hand at the steering wheel and other hand exploring the inner contours around her thighs.

    Sooner Aks advanced his fingers upwards and kept fondling with her breasts.

    A sneak through the rear view mirror was enough for he sensed the blink of Som’s eyes signalling the beginning.

    The fingers kept on exploring as she kept on moaning.

    And suddenly Aks came closer to her and bit her hard around the neck. His teeth were no longer that of humans but protruded from the sides with piercing sharp tip. Blood oozed out from her neck, finding ways to stain the already red painted nail-polish.

    ‘Welcome to the world of Vampires, baby!’ Som exclaimed in delight as he had always cherished the entry of earthly people into their world. 

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