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Sunday, 2 December 2012

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Sitting in the most frequented room during those days,
Occupying the corner table we sat with our group,
One of them suggested we play Truth & Dare,
And I proposed to you taking it not as a game,
And Of-Course you thought I was insane.

On the beach we were sitting side by side,
Hands held tight gazing at the sunset,
Something was happening inside me but dint knew what,
As I asked whether I can kiss you,
And of-course you thought I was insane.

It was our biggest day till date as two souls became one,
Where bonds like these are meant to last forever or so,
And so I wished to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath,
To the warmth of your lips with the feel of your heart beating with mine,
And of-course you thought I was insane.
The other day we were driving down the hill,
Cool breeze blowing making your untied hair enjoy the freedom,

 With fresh sun rays falling on your side highlighting your beautiful face,
Craving me to stop driving and be more and more closer to you,
And of-course you thought I was insane.
The next evening I was completely taken aback by you,
With candles, dim lights and soft music enhancing the beauty of our home,
As you were standing in a corner capturing all my expressions,
Coming closer to me and whispering "Baby, this is just the start",
Making me think," Of-Course, I'm insane but not as much as you Baby!"
Rohan Kachalia
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  1. I loved the title :) the content was really cute too :) keep writing :)

  2. very well written rohan ! what better way to bring out meaning of insanity than to relate it to love . . keep writing ! all the best for BAT :)

  3. Ah! so very romantic....pyar mei pagal..yes ofcourse!! and lucky is the person who has found this "madly in love" kind of person...cute!

    all the best for BAT!

  4. true story? :) versed beautifully with the magic of love filled in it. all the best for BAT.

  5. A romantic one :) Good one :) ATB for the BAT!

  6. Beautifully composed. A reader will connect to every word that you have written

  7. Very romantic... :)
    All the best for BAT!

  8. @Sonia - Thank you Sonia!

    @maliny - Yes, Love can make you do things which you never thought of! :)

    @the little princess - Thank you! yes I like to see people deeply in love and expressing it to eachother in someway or the other.

    @Leo - Part true, part fiction. The part after marriage is true! :)

  9. @Harikrishna - Thank you! :)

    @Meenakshi - Yup! Love is the only thing which makes us complete!

    @Neeta - Thank you Neeta! Happy that the poem connected with you :)

    @Chhavi - Thank you Chhavi! :)

  10. That was a very romantic poem,no doubt. A heart-felt desire in those words, loved the way you used the phrase so aptly in each stanza. All the very best for BAT, this is one of the best I have read :) Take care :)

  11. The addition of one word made it all the more sweeter! :) Nice post. All the best for BAT!!

  12. Lovely poem, well written. Nice work :-)

  13. Oh wow so romantic. Loved it :)