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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Eagerly awaiting, results come as a jolt from the blue
Shocked upon seeing it as if I have no clue
Friends placate to no avail
Finding solace in mom’s arms, I learnt
Family support matters a lot in your worst days

In an age where one is called a teenager
You tend to swing from one to another blunder
Peer’s advice you adhere
Whereas parent’s caution falls on deaf ears, I learnt
To stand up to my mistakes and rectify

Being the go-getter of the company
Always handling work pressure ably
Expectation rises as appraisal nears
Dejected and shown the mirror, I learnt
To rise after the fall with a renewed vigour and focus on the goal

When life takes a turn for good
From one you are now two
Amid all the vows and kisses that you blew
One thing that heart tells you
To keep the apple of your eye always happy

That single stick gave a shock
Recollecting how parents taught you to walk
Tears slowly glide down the cheeks
As weak limbs struggle and seek
For me to be their walking stick

What are the lessons that we need to learn?
Lessons that you see...
Lessons that you learn...
For I feel, we need to learn
Lessons that never depart, that stays within our heart.

Life Lessons

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Shaivi and welcome to PonderingTwo :)

  2. fabulous !! life treats us all so differently and yet so similarly

    1. SO true! Life teaches us so many things but if we take notice and act wisely.

  3. Experiences of life give us great life's lessons. Very beautifully expressed.

    1. Thanks Ma'am!! Yes, Life's experiences sometimes teaches what a book cannot teach.. :)

  4. Nice compilation. We need to learn such lessons that stick with us forever.

    1. Thanks Sir! Yes, we definitely need to learn things that sticks with us forever.

  5. When the realization dawns on us, many of the illusions seem to fade showing us what is right and what is wrong. A good post that shows maturity and sagacity.

    1. Absolutely right, Kajal. Thanks for liking the post! :)

  6. Lessons learned through the hard way just stays there forever.
    Beautifully written. :)