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Thursday, 31 January 2013

During my last PTM (Parents Teacher Meet) I came across few parents who had a similar question regarding their child’s behaviour. They were in complete shock when I told them their ward’s behaviour is extremely good and well-behaved in front of others.

The reasons they were in shock are:
  1. They had least expected any good remarks of their ward’s behaviour and performance in general.
  2. The child’s behaviour is completely opposite when at home.
As a teacher we can easily sense the child’s behaviour by the way they speak, act and react and can judge their upbringing. If it’s steady both at school and at home then we can say that the ward’s upbringing is such. But to have a completely different behaviour at school and at home is shocking, surprising and the urgent need to correct it before it gets worse. There may be many reasons such as:
  1. Homely feeling at school as compared to home with friendly behaviour of teachers encouraging the child to learn, obey and follow what they say.
  2. The atmosphere may not be child friendly at home.
  3. Both the parents may be workaholic.
  4. The child may be left alone at home for most of the hours with the only company of a maid, care taker in the absence of the parents.
  5. Family disputes, marriage going through a rough patch etc.
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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Edited by: Sheba Karim
Published by: Tranquebar Press, Westland
Genre: Erotica, Fiction, Anthology
ISBN: 978-93-82618-03-4
No. of pages: 232
Price: 295 INR
Synopsis: So many elements of ourselves come together in the act of sex: skin and bodily fluids, desire, fear, greed, joy, stigma, pride, affection, guilt, often in the hopes of creating something more beautiful, our personal elixirs of life, however temporary, however permanent.
In Alchemy, Tranquebar's second anthology of erotic short stories, editor Sheba Karim has brought together thirteen diverse works about the pleasures and pains of sex, including an unapologetic account of a postmodern man's attraction to his maid, a futuristic tale of a four gendered orgy, a poignant narrative of a boy's sexual awakening in a cinema bathroom, and a lyrical meditation on a mysterious woman's carnal lessons to an imprisoned monk. The anthology's stories are vivid and well crafted, moving across genres, orientations, continents and genders, taking the reader on an intimate journey through the complex alchemies of sex, desire and love.
Review: Well, I had never thought that I would ever read a book on erotica and when I got the opportunity I experienced sheer joy of reading something new and fresh. It gave me goosebumps as I started to read the book. To tell frankly, am amazed and happy at the same time that there are many authors writing erotic and expressing the alchemies of sex, desire and love freely.
Since this is the anthology of thirteen short stories it wouldn't be apt to review all the stories as one and hence a review for each story. The only question that I had before writing the review was how to review this book, on what basis: language, story, What??!! But then I decided to review it on the basis of the 'Erotica Quotient'. So here it goes:
1 - The Farmer's Daughter by Rabi Thapa
This story is the firsthand account of his desires for his maid, how he slowly and steadily befriends her and before he could tell her his feelings for her, he loses her. The story is nicely weaved bringing out the most desired emotion with ease. I give it 4/5 based on the Erotica Quotient.
2 - Clay by Gudiya
This is the story which seems to be concentrating mainly on deception and the sex encounters of the central characters but lacks on the Erotica Quotient. I give it 2/5 on the Erotica Quotient.
3 - Sanskrit by Ranbir Sindhu
It is a story of an Indian couple on their anniversary night getting ready to be with each other but every time they get cosy they are interrupted with phone calls. The storyline lacks the much needed substance which is essential for writing erotic stories and hence I give it 2/5 based on the Erotica Quotient.
4 - Abandon by Shrimoyee Nandini
This is one of the stories which I liked the most. It is about the central characters having sex on various abandoned buildings and soon it becomes a habit. A great storyline bringing out the desired emotions with ease. I give it 4/5 based on the Erotica Quotient.
5 - Mouth by M.Svairini
For me, this story takes the cake. This story is about submissives involved in an orgy with their masters. It brings out most of the emotions such as joy, greed, fear, affection, pride, and most importantly it is by far the most erotic of the stories. I give it 5/5  based on the Erotica Quotient'.
6 - A Foreigner by Amitava Kumar
This story is about an immigrant and his fantasies. It is good in parts but it could have been much better. I would go with 3/5 based on Erotica Quotient.
7 - Semen, Saliva, Sweat, Blood by Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar
This story completely shook me when I came to know it is about gay relationships. The storyline is superb bringing along the most desired emotion. I would give it 4/5 based on the Erotica Quotient.
8 - F is for Fire by Abeer Hoque
This story is also of an immigrant and his sexual fantasies. Somehow I feel this story lacks on the main front. I give 2/5 on the Erotica Quotient.
9 - The periscope by Lopa Ghosh
This story is all about sexual fantasies and somehow a bit vague. I give 2/5 based on the Erotica Quotient.
10 - The Matinee by Mohan Sikka
This story talks about how a boy finds out about his sexual desires. A well crafted storyline, nicely written but could have been a much nicer read had it been more on the Erotica Quotient. I go with 3/5 based on the Erotica Quotient.
11 - The Marrying Kind by Mary Anne Mohanraj
This story is about a couple Jared and Leilani where Leilani feels it difficult to match up to his passion. But Jared knowingly breaks his own barriers and what happens is left to be found out. I give it 3.5/5 based on the Erotica Quotient.
12 - The Monk by Ananda Devi 
This story is about a boy who believes that he is a monk and what happens when he reaches puberty. I would give 3/5 based on Erotica Quotient.
13 - Next year at the Taj by Sheba Karim
This is a story about a couple where the man wants to save his marriage, be close to her, make it work but she has already moved on distancing herself from him. He then ends up sleeping with a hooker but guilt stricken he resolves to save his marriage and get back to her wife. I give it 3/5 based on the Erotica Quotient.
Overall: All the stories are good. A must read for the first timers for some knowledge, entertainment and for sheer fun and pleasure. For those already into reading Erotica, I feel you can definitely read the book but without any preconceived notions.
Rating: 3.5/5 overall.
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Friday, 18 January 2013

I woke up, went to the bathroom and looked at the mirror. I stared at my mirror image for few minutes, turned left, smiled at my curvaceous body, turned right, smiled again and continued to smile admiring my body until I notice something on my neck. I went as close as possible towards the mirror for getting a clear look of what was on my neck. That part of the skin was red with three big marks over it. I blushed when it hit me that it was my first love-mark given by him. I went blank for few minutes as incidents of the last night came across my eyes.

After finishing all my daily chores I thought of having a nice warm bath and mischievously asked him to join. He immediately responded with a big yes as if waiting for me to ask him to join. He moved in after turning on the music, setting the volume on a higher number thus allowing our ears to hear the soft romantic music from the bathroom.

The very next moment we both were standing under the shower, naked, seeing eyes to eyes with water making ways through my curvaceous back and wetting his facial muscles as a token of appreciation. Slowly his fingertips started exploring me, tracing the shapes of my body, arousing me completely.

I pushed him towards the wall and started kissing him all over his body, his powerful chest, strong arms, to his well-toned abs and his hips. Even with the shower on, music loud enough to hear, still I could hear his voice of moaning with pleasure, asking for more. It was his turn to shower love as he hold me by my waist, his chest pressing hard against my nipples, his one hand playing with my wet hair and other still exploring my curves.

“I love you baby!” he mumbled in my ears

“I Love...” Before I could complete, he sealed my wet, thick, pink lips with a passionate kiss which seemed to be the longest kiss ever as he lifted my in his arms.

“I Love you too baby!” I whispered completing my line as he laid me on the bed, started tonguing me and bit me hard around my neck as we submitted ourselves to the feeling called Love.        
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Rohan Kachaia

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

So there he was, sitting naked on our bed, patiently posing for a last hour or so. This was one of the ways we had thought of igniting the romance when stress overshadows it. But this time it was slight different. We also decided to put a message in the painting this time which cannot be said easily face to face.

I just stared at his bare body while he was at ease posing for me. Even his smile could get me aroused and here he was sitting completely naked arousing me every second. But somehow I controlled myself and started concentrating on the job. 'Seems you love to see me like this' he said, catching a glimpse of naughtiness in my smile. 'Always', I chuckled as I started to draw the contours of his body.

'Anytime baby, anytime but I am missing the warmth of your body which I always crave for' came his quick response. 'Patience, my Jaan, patience!' I replied with a naughtiness in my smile as I applied the paint on the canvas. As I was nearing completion of my masterpiece I applied a thick dab of paint on the brush and applied on the canvas this time with a harder stroke clearly indicating a message for him.

I stepped back and felt happy and satisfied seeing the masterpiece which was nothing short of a modern art if it had been painted by a renowned painter, I thought and made a thumbs up sign to him indicating I am done seeing you from far. It's time to get close and for some action. Next instant, we were deep into each other's shoulders, I could sense some bones being crushed on either side while we looked into each other's eyes and let romance do the talking.

And now it was his turn to watch my beauty, adore it and to enhance it while painting. I chose to lay on a sofa with my front facing towards him, hair untied. I was shivering a bit due to nervousness even though posing for him in past too. Many thoughts came across my mind regarding what message he will have for me. But somehow I managed myself to be steady and ready for him to start.

'How beautiful it is to watch you like this, those curves of you oozing with sensuality even after 20 years of marriage', he exclaimed. I blushed at him before replying 'It's all because of your such lovely eyes which always sees good'. He winked at me before starting to paint those curves which he could see but couldn't feel it.

Laying there for an hour or so I asked, 'Are you over with your masterpiece? My back is hurting from staying still in one position for so long!' 'Baby, I am almost done. Just give me five more minutes and I will be there besides you for some fun' he replied. He gave me a thumbs up sign as soon as he finished and immediately I got up from the sofa, stretched my arms and next his hands were on my waist.

It was time to unveil both the masterpieces one by one. I took the lead and asked him to see my painting of his. The powerful chest of his, the muscular arms, the enigmatic face was almost similar to the actual him. Just as he was looking the painting and glancing down towards the tummy my heartbeats were rising rapidly in anticipation of his reaction to my message. And the next moment he read it loudly, "If you can't have a baby in your tummy then what is it in your tummy?"

He looked at me with a straight face initially and after few seconds of staring at me, he smiled much to my relief and exclaimed, 'That was really cheeky, baby!' The very next moment he vouched of hitting the gym regularly and having a control on the diet.

Now was his turn to showcase his painting of mine. It was simply fantastic! I was left speechless with an open mouth waiting for something like this to be digested. The painting brought out even the delicate of the delicate curves with such perfection asking questions of him being a professional painter.

My eyes didn't fell on the message even though it was written above my naked body and that too in bold as I was simply left admiring the beauty of the masterpiece. He was waiting for me to read the message and sensing that I was deeply admiring myself, he raised his voice a little bit and asked me to read the message. And with some jitters and nervousness I read, "I wish she had opted for her hair removal" and immediately he took my hands and rubbed it on my thighs and knees. I was shocked for a moment, a bit embarrassed but happy at the same time that his eyes are always on me noticing even the minutest details with such ease.

The next moment he had handed me a small gift stating that it will give you a feeling of satin every time you use it and in fact even helped me in cleaning my thighs and knees!

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Rohan Kachalia

Saturday, 12 January 2013

You go(went) home and check(ed) your emails. You read the second mail and freeze(froze) reading it?!!  Why? What was there in it? I questioned him as he forwarded the mail to me of which I promptly took a print out and told him to hold on the line while I started reading it.

And as I started reading it, even I was shocked and taken aback but still continued to read.

I want a divorce
I want a divorce from
The lonliness that surrounds me
From the constant honking of the horns along roadside
To be in your arms where peace surrounds
I want a divorce from
Spending sleepless nights
Constantly thinking about you
Waiting in anticipation of the door bell to ring
Where you take me in your arms with all smiles
I want a divorce from
The idiot box and it's idiotic soaps
Unless they plan to show you
Yes, You and only You in all of their soaps
I want a divorce
Form all the wordly things
That takes you away from me
Not that I fear of losing you
But I fear more of not loving you enough, My Love
Come soon baby. Missing you like never before. Muahh O:-) :-X
Continuing the conversation over phone.
Me: What the hell did you find shocking in this? (angry tone)
He: Umm
Me: Tell me. Why are you silent?
He: Listen baby, there is some confusion and misunderstanding
Me: What confusion? What misunderstanding? (Getting jittery and nervous)
He: Baby, please listen to me. I’m so sorry.
Me: (No response)
He: I I I did a mistake in reading it.
Me: What mistake?
He: I just read the email address, the subject line which states ‘I want a divorce’ and
Me: What?!! You idiot. What did you think? That I really need a divorce from you. Dumbo  it’s a love poem just to express how much I’m missing you!!
He: I’m so sorry sweetheart. It’s just this nature of mine of getting ito conclusions without reading, hearing and thinking twice letting me into trouble.
Me: Idiot. It’s ok. But next time..
He: I promise baby there won’t be any next time (interrupting her)
He: BTW baby can you please open the door, am standing at the door gate.
I immediately threw the phone, rushed to open the door gate and there I was in his wide arms waiting for me with smiles all over.
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Hetal Kachalia

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Days pass swiftly in this part of the world
Without a single thought of You creeping in my mind
But trust me, in the back of my mind You are always remembered
Though I regret not being with you at times of despair
What I see is a photograph of newlywed couple
Full of emotions which can just be felt not seen
You must be looking as beautiful and as charming
Is I think when thoughts of You surpass during the nights
I cannot express how much I want to be with you
But can only say that my Love for you is akin to Himalayas
At times I dream of being closer to You, helping you in daily chores
Making You feel special all the time
But dreams are dreams, no reality and
Me away from you is a reality which I want to correct
I know this will take years to happen if at all
But thinking about it is keeping me fighting
Fighting a war, ready to face the enemy’s bullet
Standing tall day in and out in freezing temperatures
Looking at that folded, slightly torn masterpiece kept in pocket
Every time I need strength to fight and come out winning
Just to dig into my pocket and see a new photograph of ours
As I come with open arms to be with You once we win the war.
Rohan Kachalia

Sunday, 6 January 2013

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I lied there bleeding profusely and on the verge of losing my consciousness, the culprit being the last 10 minutes. A sms alert from her made me drive like never before, ignoring all the traffic rules.  The next minute I lay topsy-turvy with head against the steering wheel and hands bulging out of the window.
I was in deep slumber when he left for office. The previous day’s house warming party had taken a toll on my body and hence dozing. Suddenly woke up in shock with a man in front of my eyes, me gasping for breath, hands desperately reaching for the cell phone, as heart beats fade away.
It was getting dark, grey clouds hovered around the sky signalling heavy showers with thunderstorms. Yes, that day even the universe shed tears sensing their love that when they touched eachother, eternity rejoiced, igniting magic each time they came close as they expanded their journey to heaven. After crying incessantly the world was silent again.
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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

If I am raped tomorrow,
Leave me on my own,
Please don't forward messages for my sake,
... I am not worthy of your status' ache.

Don't give me your pity,
Don't pray for my soul,
You are the same people who did not care when I
lay there in a hole.

Your E-protests are not getting me justice,
Nor my sisters any protection,
The government is going to sensitize the issue,
just to win the coming election.

First they objectified me,
Now the turn is yours,
How dare I step outside, I am just meant for the
household chores.

Don't console my father
Don't try to cheer up my Mom,
It's something you can forget tomorrow, but for
them I'm forever gone.

I am dead now,
Humanity died with me
For I am a girl, I deserve every bit of this,I'm not
to be seen equally.

This society is esoteric
A 'fatal lie', a 'deadly truth'
it propagates such evil, and is the one to protest
that it is ruth.

It cries for me and still mocks my death
for a few days later you'll all forget,
hundreds like me will come and go,
For we are all going to reap what we once did plow.

Years ago the seed was sown,
'She is a woman, she has to be tamed and made
to moan'.
Now live with it, and dance with joy,
See her being meddled with, like a cheap plastic toy.

For she is a girl, she deserves every bit of this,
for her's is weak and Mightier is His !

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Hetal Kachalia