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Saturday, 12 January 2013

You go(went) home and check(ed) your emails. You read the second mail and freeze(froze) reading it?!!  Why? What was there in it? I questioned him as he forwarded the mail to me of which I promptly took a print out and told him to hold on the line while I started reading it.

And as I started reading it, even I was shocked and taken aback but still continued to read.

I want a divorce
I want a divorce from
The lonliness that surrounds me
From the constant honking of the horns along roadside
To be in your arms where peace surrounds
I want a divorce from
Spending sleepless nights
Constantly thinking about you
Waiting in anticipation of the door bell to ring
Where you take me in your arms with all smiles
I want a divorce from
The idiot box and it's idiotic soaps
Unless they plan to show you
Yes, You and only You in all of their soaps
I want a divorce
Form all the wordly things
That takes you away from me
Not that I fear of losing you
But I fear more of not loving you enough, My Love
Come soon baby. Missing you like never before. Muahh O:-) :-X
Continuing the conversation over phone.
Me: What the hell did you find shocking in this? (angry tone)
He: Umm
Me: Tell me. Why are you silent?
He: Listen baby, there is some confusion and misunderstanding
Me: What confusion? What misunderstanding? (Getting jittery and nervous)
He: Baby, please listen to me. I’m so sorry.
Me: (No response)
He: I I I did a mistake in reading it.
Me: What mistake?
He: I just read the email address, the subject line which states ‘I want a divorce’ and
Me: What?!! You idiot. What did you think? That I really need a divorce from you. Dumbo  it’s a love poem just to express how much I’m missing you!!
He: I’m so sorry sweetheart. It’s just this nature of mine of getting ito conclusions without reading, hearing and thinking twice letting me into trouble.
Me: Idiot. It’s ok. But next time..
He: I promise baby there won’t be any next time (interrupting her)
He: BTW baby can you please open the door, am standing at the door gate.
I immediately threw the phone, rushed to open the door gate and there I was in his wide arms waiting for me with smiles all over.
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Hetal Kachalia


  1. Its wonderfully written. Never thought someone could interpret the meanind of Divorce in such a beautiful and unique way. Hats off! Keep blogging...Kudos!

  2. Haha.. The display of simplistic human sentiments and misunderstandings is very commendable. Had a lovely time reading your story.

    Do check mine :) Thanks in advance.

  3. loved the poem. . brimming with truth and love . . very romantic ending too . . nice post :)

  4. A bit confusing..but a nice story.
    P.S: Can't blame the poor man for being shocked!

  5. This is a kind of divorce i will endorse to everybody..

    nice thought..


  6. @Kriti Kandhari - Thank you for your appreciation. Glad that you liked and enjoyed reading it. :)

    @viva_andya - Yes, it is just human nature to react sharply without thinking even once. Happy that you enjoyed reading. :) Yes, will definitely check it out.

    @maliny - Yes, the blog itself is about love and thus the post need to have some element of love in it. Thank you for your appreciation. :)

  7. @Rinaya - What was confusing for you?

    @deepak kripal - Thanks for such kind words. Yes, we definitely need this kind of a divorce.

  8. U guys have an amazing blog!