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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Eyes stared at eachother
Speaking more than few set of words

Lips pressed against eachothers
Bringing out the desire to love

Stroking eachothers hair
Feeling the warmth generated

Hands exploring the curves
With kisses and more kisses

Wild passions and emotions ran deeply
With desire to love and to be loved

Nothing could stop them today
As every touch, every kiss felt insufficient

That was the night to be remembered
The night when two souls became one


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Being a Mom is a tough tough job. You have to be on your toes all the time 24*7. What does the kid need, how to make them understand what is right or wrong are few of the many things a parent needs to do. The antenna has to be always on and strong so as to catch the signals of the child.

So what do you think is The Antenna Mamma?

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Monday, 22 October 2012

What should I buy? From where to buy? How much should be the budget? Will the gift be appropriate for the occasion? Is there a better option to gift? Will the person like it? Will it be useful? Well, these are some of the questions that run in my mind with respect to purchasing the gift. This makes the shopping and gifting experience a bit tedious and a task. So what to do? Asking, consulting will only give an idea but not help in buying the final one. So, you take along your spouse hoping that both will come to a good conclusion in deciding which one to gift. And here we go.

Day1 (Buying a gift for Mom on her birthday)

Him: Let's gift a nice Punjabi suit. What's say?

Me: That is so common. And she has many dresses. So this is out.

Him: Ok. Then what about a Saree? She looks good in sarees. (Said in affirmation as to put weight on the said option)

Me: Will you please give me a unique idea? All these are so common. (Getting irritated)

Him: Why don't you tell? You always make a perfect choice. Right? (In the context of marrying me)

Me: Yea, but that was just a one off (giving a wicked smile)

The discussion continues being in the mall, roaming from shops to shops and then coming out with a huge bill. He decided to gift himself a formal shirt and a jeans. Bravo! That was the least expected. Going to buy a gift for someone else you end up purchasing  gifting all for yourself! Me, not even into consideration. And the day ended with a not so ugly but a small fight.

Day 2

So after a complete fiasco yesterday, I decided to go out all by myself and look out for that unique gift which will bring a huge smile on mom's face and will be liked. And there I was in a mall different than the one visited yesterday with eyes wide open, looking for that 'gift' material. It was almost 3 hours after which I came to a conclusion of gifting a hand bag. And not to forget the long stops at various stores, eyes looking desperately for a good gift, legs asking for a pit stop and stomach craving for nutella. And alas a black hand bag was purchased, gift wrapped and gently kept inside a carry bag.
And since it was festival season, I just 'thought' of looking for some stuff just for me. In the end when I could not find even a tiny little space in my hand bag, I realised how much I had purchased for myself. A clutch, a kurti, a punjabi suit, few nail polishes, lipsticks, eyeliner, kajal (list will go on and on). I told him in the evening when he returned home from work that the gift had been bought but didn't reveal what it is. You will come to know on the day itself, I said. But I didn't tell him about those so called unwanted things according to him which have been purchased and kept safely.

Day 2 (around same time when I was in the mall)

Being feeling guilty of not helping me yesterday in buying me a gift for mom and selfishly gifting things for himself, he decided to buy a gift for mom. He too thought of buying a nice handbag but this one was made of jute rather than leather. And a birthday card placed inside. On hearing this news I laughed like I had never before. It was like 2 gifts which were almost similar had been purchased to gift it to mom.

(In the evening)

And there we were all in a grand birthday celebration for Mom, waiting for her to open the gift and to capture her reaction on getting not one but two gifts and that too almost similar. Though we had a good laugh at it, somewhere I felt it would have been better if I checked it online at Badhai.in where it would have been easier to gift a voucher of a specified amount and redeem it later with a gift of her choice. Anyways better late than never.

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

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Pre 2012 & Till Date

Post 2012
I will not say much as the above pictures are self explanatory and well understood. This is soon going to be a reality. A grim situation that the entire world will face sooner than later. Many people don't understand the importance of saving and conserving water. Most of the times taps are left open, buckets are over flowing, house maids keep tap open while washing utensils and so on. Moreover for our sole purpose of having fun and enjoying the festival of Holi we use water in a completely careless manner. Lakhs of litres of water is being wasted in the name of celebration. All this has to stopped. What is concerning me and makes me sad is that the so called educated class of people do such things. Inspite of creating awareness among people, the most educated class of people indulge in wastage of water. A time will come when there will be wars fought for the sole reason of getting their hands on water.
If I had the power to change something, I would change this callous attitude of people in conserving water. It is high time people start taking it seriously as it is rightly said "When you conserve water, you conserve life."
Spread the word. Educate the most educated and literate class of people first and more importantly educate yourself. Even a small drop of water counts, so put a stop to a drop.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

It was the day of separation as he had to shift abroad for a new job. They hugged eachother seemingly inseparable whilst sadness evident on their faces. He gave a red colour paper along with a red dress as a symbol of their undying love and affection asking to keep it safely and hug the dress on seeing the paper.

She took one from a huge pile of dress after staring at her wardrobe incessantly. A red piece of paper hidden within flew and settled on the ground. The paper said nothing. Immediately tears rolled out of her eyes and swiftly she plucked that red colour dress from the pile and hugged it.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

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News story on a particlar day:

Meenal was a very bright student not only in academics but also in sports. Since childhood it was her dream to be a national badminton player someday in her life. Her parents supported her in each and every way they can to achieve her dream. At the tender age of just eleven, her parents got her enrolled in badminton camp for fine tuning the skills required to master the game. Siddhant was her coach, guide and mentor for the two month programme. Meenal used to leave home at seven in the morning and come back at two in the afternoon an hour late than other students. Siddhant was very impressed by her and constant feedback from him helped Meenal to improve a lot.

One bright day, Siddhant asked her to wait in a room for personal grooming as a part of camp. Meenal was very excited with the constant feedback, motivation and extra care and support she used to get from Siddhant since day one. Siddhant entered the room with a bright smile, eyes constantly looking at Meenal determined with blood rushing through the entire body and movements around his pelvic region which he only can feel. He was too close for Meenal's discomfort and the poor student was subjected to Child Sexual Abuse. That day, that time her soul died, crying in pain and discomfort. God was left watching as a mere spectator.
Raj and Simran were busy planning their daughter's birthday. Only three days were left for the big day. Each and every arrangement was being made minutely with extreme care so that nothing falls short than an extraordinary birthday party. The only thing that was still undecided was which clothes to wear, whether to buy new or arrange from those there in the wardrobe. Raj decided of buying new clothes for all as it was their daughter's first birthday party. So they went to a mall to purchase the new clothes.
Simran checked out few clothes and decided to have a trial on some before actually purchasing. And she entered the trial room. Simran being a modern day girl looked around the entire room, checked the mirror by placing a finger on it. Everything looked okay and thus she proceeded. But little did she knew that there was a spy camera located on the upper edge of the mirror. Everything was captured in the spy camera. That day, that time Simran was tormented to a crime caused by inhuman people. But God was watching in shock along with embarrassment of creating such disgusting people.
Aasma  had just turned eighteen last month. She was working as a receptionist in a small company full of males. Their parents had started looking for a suitable groom as she had turned eighteen and wanted to get rid of the burden on their head. Salim, her colleague was very much interested in her and he left a proposal to her parents. Salim did not want anything from her and her parents which propmpted to marry of Aasma to Salim.
On the first night she waited for Salim to come up to her and take her into a different world altogether. But little did she knew of what was awaiting for her. Salim came with a lighted cigarette in his hand and went towards Aasma. He slowly made her get rid of her clothes till she was completely naked and then pressed the lighted cigarette on her belly, thighs, neck, buttocks and every part of her body. This was his way of showing love to her. That day, that time she was dying in pain and horror but suddenly mustered courage and kicked him right under his belly. And there he was lying in pain as somehow Aasma managed to run away. God was watching this in fury with a slight tinge of happiness.
Next day news story:
Durga was in fury and was striking hard with vengeance. She had come with a mission. Mission to eliminate those inhuman people inflicting pain, tormenting women to various types of violence. She hit them hard as she did while facing Mahishasura, a demon. "Roar with delight while still you can, O illiterate demon, because when I kill you, Gods themselves will roar in delight", proclaimed Durga while her sword hitting them with brutal force killing them instantly.

Keeping my fingers crossed is definitely a cliche but that doesn't mean we lose faith in God and at the same time behave like Gods. Atrocities against women have increased by leaps and bounds and we need people to educate themselves about how gruel a crime it is. And if the situation doesn't improve then who knows Goddess Durga might herself come down to earth to avenge the crime carried out against women. And beware! Durga Puja and Navratri are just days away. Probably this might be the right time for the Goddess to descend down to earth.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Waking up smiling and energetically by seeing the most beautiful face on earth,
Just as the earth rises by the bright sunshine with happiness to spread
And exploring her curves delicately and slowly,
Just as the water explores the depth of the ocean
By seeing her smile the heart erupts with bubbles of joy,
Just as the leaves smile when raindrops fall after a long summer
Being there in her cries of despair as a pillar of strength,
Just as the himalayas stand through the seasons
Sometimes throwing surprises at her or explaining her like a child,
Just as a sudden fall of snow and playing with snowballs

 Teasing, playing games and having fun with her,
Just as the sun and clouds playing hide and seek
Enjoying the roller coaster ride together, capturing moments as they come,
Just as a rivulet making its way through a mountain


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Bidding good-bye at the airport, she waited for him till she could see his lasts of the last hair strands. With teary eyes desperately looking for him she waved at him which goes unnoticed. Eyes hoping to see him again, he running towards her and giving a tight hug. But that was only her imagination.

Monday, 8 October 2012

The Bigg Boss season 6 was programmed yesterday on national television with no reasons to obstruct your vision which had been the case in previous seasons. Yes, this time around there won't be any scenes worth watching in your bedroom. All the scenes can be watched in front of everyone without any restrictions from elders. A lame person would definitely raise an eyebrow to it with as much amount of dissatisfaction. Yes, you can say there is some sort of censorship this time around (to only please Kapil Sibal & Co).
The theme this time around is based on the 3 Monkeys of Gandhiji. Hence you can't view and hear contestants mouthing foul language as well as speaking it. So in short after censoring the original concept, it doesn't feel like you are watching Bigg Boss. It feels as if you are going to be viewing a daily soap of 4-5 serials consolidated.
And moreover the contestants this time around does not engage us to sit in front of our television set and see them doing craziest of things never done before. The fights shall be no more. No more of flirting, good night kiss and more. Plus there will be an added torture in form of Sidhuisms along with some unknown models whose names you might have never heard off. Ahh not to forget the hair stylist. I would rather leave my hair as it is rather then having it trimmed by such dangerous looking person with a tattooed body and all white hair. It gives me a feeling of being an eccentric. Anyways what will she do in the house is to look out for. Then there is a divorced couple on the show probably to have a second start to their innings. And two social activists are also on the show who are there as a supporting cast to the other lead
The only saving grace this time around is the house. With such wonderfully decorated house, neat designs and excellent use of space and colours will be worth viewing and planning to do for your homes some time soon. And of course Salman Khan, his charm and enthusiasm without whom the previous seasons couldn't have been a huge success.
Do watch it the first few episodes and then can view it occassionally unless you don't have something important to do.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

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Tanay had left very early in the morning for his office. It was just 6.30 am. On other days he leaves at 9 am but today was something special. Today was the result of the performance evaluation which had happened last week. He was very upbeat as he had a strong gutfeeling of his elevation from Asst.Manager to General Manager.
The alarm rang sharp at 5.30 in the morning. After putting the alarm off he went close to his wife and cuddled her. His lips were against her, murmuring through her ears, sliding his hands through her thighs, he kissed and kissed.
Tanay bid her goodbye with a tight hug along with a smile and left for the office. Before reaching the office he took a small halt at a nearby temple to pray to the Lord and spend few minutes of peace and gear himself for the stressful day at work.
On setting to drive again, he received a sms from his wife mentioning how she misses and waits for him to arrive in the eve and take her in his arms and never end loving her. He smiled at reading the sms and sent a reply to her saying “Wait for tonight. It will be as special as our first night.”
With a big smile on his face he started to drive again. Tanay was more than 100 percent sure of his promotion to the GM post and thus had planned to surprise her wife and make it special for them. He was just waiting for the official confirmation of his promotion. And within an hour he reached his office.
The office was very active and buzzing with theories of promotion – who will get promoted and who will not. He went straight to his desk, ignoring all the calls and shouts from other employees to engage himself with the grapevine. He opened his inbox and was delighted to see a mail from the HR Head of the company. The mail communicated the much anticipated and much deserved promotion to the post of General Manager. He was thrilled and excited about his promotion. He broke this news to the near and dear ones but asked them to not to tell his wife as a part of surprise and they obliged. Congratulatory messages poured in from everywhere.
He had everything planned before hand to surprise his wife and have a good time together. So swiftly he selected few of their photographs and sends it to the photo studio for creating a huge photo frame of various memories shared together. Then he called a florist and asked the fellow to deliver a bouquet at his residence every hour starting from 1 pm till 6 pm containing various flowers beautifully mixed with red roses along with a big, tower size bouquet consisting of red roses and a hand written note which read:
"It’s been only a year and a half since we became One, sharing a roller coaster ride where the day just doesn’t pass by and night just doesn’t feel sufficient.
Brace yourself for another one such night where there will be moments of intimacy and the burning desire to Love; the moments which define WE.
I am expecting you at the City Palace restaurant at 8 pm tonight draped beautifully in a sari.
With Love, Tanay."
It was already noon and the door bell rang. His wife opened the door to welcome one of the bouquets which he had ordered to be delivered. She was in complete happiness when she read the senders name. She immediately texted him a thank you for such beautiful flowers. But he purposely didn’t reply to her as he wanted to create an environment of love and surprises for her. With the fall of every hour the house was getting filled with colourful bouquets and the fragrance of flowers around her gave her a warm feeling and she missed him even more.

At last she welcomed the big tower sized bouquet. Her face reading confusion, excitement and surprise all together. She just couldn’t understand what was happening. She saw the note attached to the bouquet and read it. Tears rolled down her eyes as she was reading the note. She thought to herself:
“There is no one that can stop us loving eachother more than before apart from death” She then quickly texted him “Waiting to see you my love, my eyes have became red and only you can make it beautiful by getting lost into it. See you at 8. Bye.”
He, as before, didn’t reply though he wanted to. He completed his entire work and left office bit early so that he can reach on time. As he left his office premises and walked towards his car, he heard a loud explosion which made him flew 200 mts away and there he was lying in a pool of blood. Yes, it was a terrorist attack. A time bomb had been planted at the commercial complex where his office was located. He sustained severe head injuries and it was the last time he remembered her, visualized her before taking a ride to heaven.
Yes, many things were left to be explained to her, An Untold Story was left to be told but unfortunately he couldn’t. Everything changed within and around her. Tanay was no more to Love her, to feel her, to caress her, to talk to her, to spend the life together. She was all alone with the only company of tears and loneliness.

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Monday, 1 October 2012

The Krishna Key
Written by Ashwin Sanghi
Published by Westland Ltd in 2012
Genre : Thriller

Summary: Five thousand years ago, there came to earth a magical being called Krishna, who brought about innumerable miracles for the good of mankind. Humanity despaired of its fate if the Blue God were to die but was reassured that he would return in a fresh avatar when needed in the eventual Dark Age - The Kalyug. In modern times, a poor little rich boy grows up believing that he is that final avatar. Only he is a serial killer.

My review: The Krishna Key is definitely a good thriller book with suspense from the word go. The plot starts with a gruesome murder of a Historian and a History Professor being wrongly framed for the murder. The murderer kills people in the name of God with the instructions coming from 'Mataji'. Mataji being a lady who has trained the murderer with all the aspects of history relating to God, the skills needing for killing someone with ease without leaving any clues. The accused History professor and his Doctoral student sets out to prove his innocence and in the process they find out spate of murders happening around them as the mystery keeps unfolding.

The thing which I liked the most is the way the story is narrated. With the start of every chapter a small brief is given about the Krishna and the Mahabharata which extremely helps in connecting with the story. Extensive research and proper narration is the highlight of the book along with awesome story-line  Each and every character in the plot has been written keeping in mind the main story-line and it definitely leaves an impact on the reader. The story-line has proper twists and turns keeping the  reader engrossed into the book with apt photographs for better understanding.

The book is a definitive read for some spine chilling thriller or for those looking into mythology coupled with history. And I must say a person who has no knowledge about Mahabharata can gain much needed information about the turn of events leading to Mahabharata.

The book with over 450 pages should be read in a go without any breaks for clear understanding of the plot. A list of all the references & acknowledgements made have been given at the end of the book. But a few glimpses of a poor proof reading have been noticed in few places. Names of characters have been mixed a good couple of times which could have easily been avoided. Somehow I feel the story has been dragged a bit too far in the end but nonetheless the research and the whopper of a plot makes up for it!

My Rating: 3.5/5 Highly recommended for those having interest in Thriller.

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