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Monday, 17 December 2012

This post has been first published by me for Parentous an initiative by BlogAdda. Here are the few lines of the poem penned by me.

The first few letters that you murmured
Were not at all easy to pick
Trying and failing at each attempt
We gave up on what does it mean
You kept your ears and eyes wide open
To ask us for all those things which
We use and play with once
You can utter those words clearly
Both of us were happy and dancing when
You courageously uttered the word ‘Mobile’
And came a shock of the life when
You blatantly refused to eat unless we hand you the mobile
You can read the entire poem here. Kindly share, comment and express your views on it. :)
Hetal Kachalia



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  2. Thank you so much Surbhi for nominating our blog for this award. :) It is a real confidence booster for a blog like ours which will help us in writing good quality posts!
    Thanks once again! :)