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Friday, 3 January 2014

‘It was indeed awesome to spend some quality time with you, Aks’, she exclaimed.

Aks simply beamed at her and speeded with one hand at the steering wheel and other hand exploring the inner contours around her thighs.

Sooner Aks advanced his fingers upwards and kept fondling with her breasts.

A sneak through the rear view mirror was enough for he sensed the blink of Som’s eyes signalling the beginning.

The fingers kept on exploring as she kept on moaning.

And suddenly Aks came closer to her and bit her hard around the neck. His teeth were no longer that of humans but protruded from the sides with piercing sharp tip. Blood oozed out from her neck, finding ways to stain the already red painted nail-polish.

‘Welcome to the world of Vampires, baby!’ Som exclaimed in delight as he had always cherished the entry of earthly people into their world. 

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    1. Thank you Cifar!! Glad that you liked it, being my first attempt at something scary :)

  2. "Aks'some....different story

  3. Nice Read. . . . A G+ For ur Post and Have a Nice Day. . . :)