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Friday, 24 May 2013

As the clock struck twelve
Bout of craving for her favorite ice-cream
Shrugging and eventually ready to shelve
Slurping like nothing is supreme

Sparkling eyes like a room lit of candles
Creamy lips that kills you within
A killer smile with those dimples
Flirtatious hair celebrating the love-in

Lying besides on the bonnet of the car
Leg fingers indulging in some love
‘They’ took what is called the polestar
Thanking the ice-cream for bringing dove

He vowed never to let work become a hindrance
Realizing that Love matters the most as 'You Only Live Once'

This post is in response to #WriteTribe prompt 3 - Motivation and Support for Writers and Bloggers.

Write Tribe Prompt

Cheers. Keep Smiling. Spread Love. Embrace Life.
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  1. ahaannn *wink wink* nicely done :)


  2. Aww... that is sweet :) Love n relationships are to be given the importance they deserve...

  3. Lovely poem, starting from an ice cream to candle lit dinner to finally finding true love, loved the natural flow in which the poem progresses.

  4. @Indrani, Hetal - Thank you!!

    @Bhavya - Thank you so much for the appreciation. In these days of 24*7 connectivity work, relationships must go hand in hand but sadly it doesn't.

    @Kislaya - So happy that you liked it!!

  5. SO much innocence n love .. well written :)

  6. @Ankur - Thanks and welcome to our blog!