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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Source: Pablo

Her yielding resonance
Invites me closer
That speaks, groans and moans
Making me feel alive

Her sudden air of chortle
Relieves me from my worries
Just like a sudden shower
Washing off a somber hue from my face

Her gentle touch of silk
Illuminates my soul
As with each touch
Sends shivers down my spine

Her kiss of desire
Generates an enigma
With a flush on its petal tips
That deepens the bond of love

This post is written as a part of A to Z Challenge held annually in April.
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  1. the love is growing with every poem, great going Rohan!

  2. Man hats off! You are a very talented person. Never knew you write poetries so well :)

    B - The Eye of the Beholder

  3. Boy oh Boy! You have one great skill to create such romantic poems! Beautiful Rohan!
    @KalaRavi16 from

  4. This poem is too brilliant!
    Sharing it, and bookmarking it too. Would love to read this poem again and again!

  5. Just wow.. Such profundity in every word :)

  6. Wow! Such a beautifully written poem :)
    Reema D’souza from
    Reem Writes...

  7. Behind every inspired poet is a beautiful woman .. and its quite visible that you are dedicating this challenge to that muse in your life :) good going.. am sure she's beaming with joy reading these .. right?

  8. Your words are truly poetry in motion. What a beautiful romance. Kudos :).