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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Life is routine. You wake up, eat and get back to sleep. And in between you try to be your awesome best to satisfy the people around you. And even while you try satisfying people there will be many who will still expect more from you. So in short life gets routinely monotonous. And when life gets such all you need is a thing or two that zests up your day and enhances you to go through the routine without any fuss.

So here is my list of five things that zests up my life:-

The company of my Spouse: 

Yes, the apple of my eye whose company is what I crave for after the day's end. The talks that we share, sometimes silent lightens the mood, that electric smile which peppers my mood up and that evil grin upon cracking a joke to which we laugh our hearts out are few of the moments that zest up the mundane life.

Reading & Writing: 

This is one of the things that literally takes me to another world. It liberates me into a world full of freedom with no worries at all. Be it a poem or a short fiction or for that matter even a haiku enhances my mood and zests up my life. And writing for some contests and eventually winning it is like icing on the cake.


It is said that our body and heart requires a timely detox so as to be back with a bang. And what better way then having a fun outing with friends and family. Also to take a sabbatical from work and to explore the scenic beauty, capture the beautiful moments and come back charged and refreshed is what zests up my life.

Moments where I can be a child once again: 

We rarely do get some moments or situations where we can be a child once again. Those moments or situations may crop up simply out of the blue or may be even a planned one like celebrating a toddler's birthday. Such moments and situations in life is what makes the life worth living for. Imagine becoming a vehicle where the toddler sits on your back and you roam around or making weird faces and capturing them. 


Listening to music has a therapeutic effect on me. The soulful melody relieves me of all the worries, calms me and takes me into a cinematic world. And listening to the favourite songs composed by favourite composers is the best thing to lighten up the mood and zests up my life.

Life is full of complexities but the pleasure we get is from the small doses of happiness surrounding us. And the above mentioned ones are the ones that I crave for which eventually zests up my life.

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