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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Love can make you do things which you have never ever imagined that you would do. It is the feeling which will make you go weak onto your knees and confess your love for the apple of your eye and heart. Likewise love and its melodious sound can also make your partner to do things or rather 'force' to do things for you. 

But before coming to that let me tell you from where it started.

It was the day when we had taken that seven vows, looking exquisite in those traditional wear and were officially turned into a married couple but two years hence. Yes, it was our second anniversary and it all started with cute love notes placed 'strategically' in all most every part of our home, some easy to find, some hard to locate, with each one of them having some message, altogether forming a sentence of sort. But there were many such notes to be found which I realized later but chose to go with the flow and enjoy all those cheeky and naughty messages that he had written for me, for us. 

I had all the day's time as unfortunately he didn't get a leave from his work. Or rather I should now safely conclude that he purposefully left me with the notes to be found. And in the evening, sharp at 6, the door-bell rang and I welcomed him with yet another bouquet in his hands. Ahh... going back into the memory lane is all nostalgic, isn't it? Pardon me going into those sweet memories as I forgot to tell that apart from those notes, I also received a bouquet of red roses in heart shape, sharp at midnight, an all tulips bouquet received in the morning along with a hand written letter and now the third one.

A delighted squeal left out of him as he saw me all ready, dressed immaculately decoding the message left in the love notes and off were we to a place untold to me. Blindfolded and left to hear the favourite music as he maneuvered the car through the evening traffic to finally halt at some place. There were some chattering and noises heard which gave some upmarket kind of a feel as he handhold-ed me out to a different place through some backdoor exit which I realized later on.

And very very teasingly he removed the blindfold, giving me shivers of a lifetime. For once, I knew it was a public place and to think of him doing something so passionately and teasingly with me left me in a state of a pleasant shock. And there I was standing in front of a beach where laid a table and two chairs with a bottle of champagne placed upon it. And just then the lights came to life hanging mid-air with a message 'I Love You'. Flushed and totally awestruck by his gesture I had decided to return the favour but in my style.

Wait! You must be thinking that I am going overboard but no, sometimes there are special privileges on a personal request that is what I found out to be.

Now coming to my part, we were holidaying amongst the hilly and chilly climate of Manali. Me being the boldest in our family had decided to do some dare devilry in the form of river rafting. And he being the descendant of the 'Stay away from risk family' was adamant of not allowing as well as joining me for the adventure. But when a lady decides to do something no matter what, she will eventually do it, by hook or by crook and that involves some sensuous teasing and flirting. Of course with him.

And so it started with me giving some suggestive hints, light hearted playful teasing over and over again for the entire day but being careful of not getting too close to him. As the day passed, he knew what I was about to as he nodded his head with a sly smile on his face and murmured coming dangerously close to me, his heart beating like a drum, 'you wicked girl' and I knew I had won.

The next morning we were rafting along the river, me being merry and he 'as if he has seen a crocodile' face with terror written all over it. But somehow he managed to smile every time my eyes met his. I was happy that I was shredding all his fears and inhibitions about small, fun adventures in life which can turn out to be an experience of a lifetime. 

And as the ride concluded, I hugged him as tight as I could and muttered an almost mute, barely heard 'Thank you' and sealed it with a peck on his cheeks.

'Anything for you baby' is what he replied and started gushing about how scared he was initially before the ride and how it has liberated him from his fears and inhibitions that gave a sense of relief as he got his heart beating out of his chest and eventually we surrendered to the ever crazy thumping sound of love.

"Love is not only measured by what you do to keep it afloat and unique but it is also measured by what you do to bring down the fears and inhibitions, pushing the boundaries of your loved ones and helping them evolve as a better person."

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