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Monday, 15 June 2015

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any incidences mentioned here is highly coincidental and is for pure fun purpose.

Taunt is for Mother-in-laws
Class is for Daughter-in-laws

There would have come plenty of times in your married life where your mother-in-law had said something to you which you had not liked it. Be it for the choice of words or the tone or for that matter the situation or the surroundings we are in. She would have simply ignored all of that and have uttered some of the choicest of the words to you.

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Without any doubts the mother-in-law would have felt like a HULK, and you, on the contrary would have felt like a drenched cat, unable to do anything, forget even batting an eyelid. Probably, even if you would have tried to open your mouth to counter her, you would have met with eyes that were brightening and getting larger in size slowly and steadily, till it had turned red and signalling to shut up with the undertone that 'I don't care what do you have to say.'

Sulking is for the nineteenth century women. You are the 21st century woman who knows the difference between right and wrong and also knows to control the tongue and allows her actions to speak volumes for herself. So what do you do? I'll tell you.

Whenever such times had come in my life, I had always tried to put on the brave front and hang a smiling face around everyone. It does two things, first, it will allow you to calm down from outside and release any bad thoughts and sad emotions. Secondly, it will show that nothing is going to affect you. But, this will only work when you are correct, otherwise it will show as arrogance.

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However, all these things will only provide a momentary relief. On one such day when I was generally down, feeling a bit low after entire day's household work, extremely tired and lacking energy after getting some below the belt from the mother-in-law, I only craved for a long and tight sleep. Instead, I happen to switch on the TV and started surfing the channels and that is when I started regaining my energy.

Alla Arjun, the famous Telugu movie star was grooving on the screen with some extraordinary moves that simply left me awestruck. I slowly caught up with some of the moves, started to loosen up and let my hair down completely. Although exhausted, I felt that I had immense strength within myself to start preparing the menu for the next day. 

Suddenly, Alla Arjun disappeared from the screen and it was Anushka Manchanda, singing one of the most happening and peppiest number from a Hindi movie. The voice was so inviting that I decided that I need a second dose of dance and started showing my moves to no one in particular but to myself, as I was alone at home.

I could imagine the magic that would have been created if both Alla Arjun and Anushka Manchanda came together for a song and what would it be like. I guess it would be nothing short of extraordinary, mind-blowing, brilliant singing and dancing performance that would have made even a non-dancer like my husband to start grooving.

Later that evening, the door bell rang, I took him inside and started dancing with him as he was pleasantly surprised. Later on he asked, "Baby, a couple of hours ago you had messaged me you were feeling a bit low and would like to sleep early. What happened now?"

I winked at him, gave him a wicked smile and muttered, "Some things are better left unsaid" and gave him a kiss to be remembered for a long long time.

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So next time, when you are having a tough time "for reasons best known only to you", you know what to do. Just energize your tough situation with some exhilarating moves of Alla Arjun and some peppy and youthful voice of Anushka Manchanda and groove and let all the troubles out of your system.

Also, always remember, 
"Taunt is for mother-in-laws and
Class is for daughter-in-laws"

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