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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

You held me as tight as you could,
Wrapped your hands around
And tried to do antics that you thought would make me good
Till I stopped the wailing sound;

As I grew,
Your love for me became much stronger,
A slight sign of flu
And you would stand by me like my soldier;

When things became tough,
Be it trivial or important decisions in life
Your guidance gave me enough
Courage to have my own decisions in life

I'm proud and happy to have you
A persona so charismatic and strong
That could handle my various hues
Who always taught me to welcome life like a song!

"A man of refreshing candor is very hard to find and once you find such a man, it is difficult to not to adore that man." Yes, such is his nature that his friends loves him and family loves him all the more. Though he is serious at most of the times, but, his candidness and always courteous towards others won him huge respect among friends and family alike.

It is because of this nature, that he is my man to go whenever I have any problems or doubt, be it during my school or college days or life in general. He has answers to all my questions provided I keep it crisp. Else, he has this uncanny ability to doze off, take a power nap and I would have to go over it again with very high chances that he would ask me to come to the point. 

During my younger days, I didn't had that privileges which I am having it now. But, I didn't even feel the need of those privileges as my dad never made me feel aloof and lonely. He tried his best to provide me with all the privileges which he could afford. For all my tantrums like 'I need this or that' or 'my friend has it and hence I need it too' were met not met with stiff no but a understanding of the practicality of the need of the hour. Though I didn't like that but I asked for an apt compensation and he in turn would spend the entire Sunday evening reading stories for me with a huge smile on his face. He never made a fuss about it. Such was his commitment towards the Sunday evening ritual that for once I asked him to skip it and he in turn made me to tell him some story as my punishment. This, in turn, made me what I am today -  A story teller.

As I grew from a stubborn teen-age-r to a marriageable age, he stood by me, never questioned my decisions and asked my opinion in all the decisions concerning my life. He never made a huge cry about my dressing style and about my friends. He allowed me to do things that I liked and trust me to have a father like him is a rarity now-a-days.

It is highly impossible for me to even faintly remember the things he would have done for me when I was an infant and things he would have secretly sacrificed for me and for my happiness. And how I miss that small secret we shared like eating packs of cookies late night when hunger didn't allowed us to sleep and gossiping about trouble monger relatives. What fun it was!

Just writing down all the above things makes me feel as if I haven't done enough for him. But one thing which will definitely make him happy is a hug from my side for all the things he did and is still doing for me and not those expensive gifts. 

So, I did hug my dad on this father's day and it was one of the most happiest feelings of my life. 

I am participating in the #HugYourDad activity for Vicks in association with BlogAdda.com

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