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Thursday, 20 August 2015

It is said that there is no comforting place than sitting in the most favorite part of the room and doing things you love to do. Home is a place where you feel enclosed and protected not only by the four surrounding walls, but also by the company of your family. It is a place where you dream of a beautiful life and also about achieving and fulfilling those dreams. Hence, it is important to have a perfect blend of color and design to give a more artistic yet homely feeling at the same time.

At present, my home looks better, but it can definitely be refurbished to give it a more appealing and pleasing look. Although, the walls in each room have different colors, but I would like it to be in contrast with the flooring. I feel that anything done keeping in mind the contrasting looks, looks good and same goes with the wall colors and floorings. For example, a contrasting combination of white flooring and a shade of orange on the wall will give a brighter look to the room.  

Also, to have a lively room, the room needs fresh colors which are pleasing to the eyes and are also welcoming at the same time. I would like to have an abstract painting hanging on one of the walls of my bedroom which can sum up the colors used in my bedroom. Not only the painting will be inviting, but it will be something that I can personally relate to with a hidden message to stay positive, just like the picture below.


Color is one of the strongest force of attraction. Right from babies to adults, we define everything through colors. We buy cars after deciding its colors. Kids get attracted to toys of a particular color. So why not play with colors and come up with an interesting segment in one of your rooms? Hence, I would like to have one of my bedroom walls to be differently colored from the rest and that too in a unique pattern, say in equal patches. Along with that, I would like some attractive and colorful furniture to go with, just like the one in the below picture.


Being a book adorer and hoarder, I would like to have a huge bookshelf which should look creative and also go with the overall image of the home.


Apart from these, I would like to have a complete change in the furniture of my bedroom. I would like to have it sleek, stylish and modern and yet utilizing the most of the walls and spaces in a creative way. Moreover, it should avoid looking cramped for space and should breathe a fresh air of life.   


Recently, to add some color to my bedroom, I applied a wall decal to make my bedroom more lively and it also adds some freshness to the overall appearance of the room.


So, overall I would like to see my walls and rooms, especially my bedroom in an altogether a different avatar and newly designed which can bring in freshness not only to the eyes but also to the heart.

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