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Saturday, 22 August 2015

We all love to dance. Dancing is one such art form where a person breaks away from all the worries and expresses himself or herself by dancing. For me, dancing not only liberates me from all my worries, but also ensures that I lighten up my mood, my forgetting all the stressful events that might have occurred during the day. So when I got an opportunity to dance, I lapped it happily and moreover, I, as a person always needs a reason to dance.

When I herd the Max Fresh Song, I realized that the beat is peppy and the dance moves by Alla Arjun were so pumping and quick. So I decided that my dance moves must be according to the beat and the lyrics and not just the way we all dance in a casual manner during fun times and at parties and marriages.

I planned my dance moves in advance, practiced time and again, as it is for the first that I was supposed to show my dance skills to the entire world. I laughed plenty of times while practicing my moves, sometimes I ran ahead of the beat, while sometimes I lacked behind. I realized that dancing after quite some time can lead to lots of laughter, embarrassment and fun as well all at the same time.

The song pumped me up to show some of my best moves which I had kept hidden deep within my heart, but didn’t muster much courage to show to the world. The song helped me in keeping up with my energy levels all the while I danced as my toddler kept on enjoying while I showed some of my #MaxFreshMove.

The first video is the practice video where I danced to the entire beat.

The second video is my all decked up and ready to burn the floor video for around a minute.

I hope you like my #MaxFreshMove or rather moves.

“I am dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda."

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  1. Very nice post and grooving moves! Congrats on the mega win :)

  2. Awesome dance! Congrats on the mega win :)