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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

In normal circumstances, we don't often say a Thank You to our near and dear ones. At times, the work they do or the efforts they take are easily classified under the header 'Expected to do' for which we don't need to utter a 'Thank You'. 

But there comes a time when you ponder on those minute things, you realize the importance of those things without which the grandest of the grand things wouldn't look the same. So here is a letter to my better half who has done plenty of precious little things and continues to do, while I write this letter sitting in an air-conditioned office.

To The Apple of My Eye,

Ever since we have been together, like every other couple there are plenty of things between us that is taken for granted and 'expected to do'. But, I clearly fail to remember any instance where I have thanked you wholeheartedly for the things you keep on doing. You might argue that I have dedicated many poems for you, showed how much I love you and care about you, but the fact remains that I have rarely thanked you. 

To tell you frankly, I sometimes don't know what would I do when you are not around. Your presence around my sight is soothing enough to wake-up early morning after a late night sleep. So thank you for being around me and continuing to love me in my 'just woke-up, disheveled hair, scary look'.

Just as waking up without your presence and leaving for office without your 'heart soothing and wholehearted smile' is nightmarish, so is coming back to home without seeing your enchanting smile. Just how you manage to keep smiling in spite of having a tiring day and plenty of issues to handle while at home, simply amazes me. So thank you for always smiling and trying to be as cheerful as possible.

In the five years of marriage that you have known me, I would categorically like to thank you for putting up with all my kiddish behavior, of my being a bit rude at times or simply tired for a small talk and also 'handling me' when my temperature takes control over me and not walking over me. At the same time, as you have known, I have promised to always try to be calm irrespective of the situation and I suppose, I am doing fine.

A year ago, we were blessed with the naughtiest kid and you know how happy we were and are. But, the way you have been taking care of him, running around him even though you are tired of day's work, ensuring he gets all the care and attention that he deserves at a tender age, is simply phenomenal. So, my salute and a thank you (even though I am the official baby sitter for our kid on Sundays) for taking extra care of the kiddo.

Another noteworthy thing is your handling of household duties and responsibilities without much support from me. 

Also, post that, you even find some time to share a good laugh with me is what makes my life worth living for. So thank you so much for all the above things that you continue to keep doing without creating any fuss and with all smiles. Thank you for being there in my life and my support system.

Love you,

Yours Pineapple.

This post is a part of the January blogathon hosted by #kowthas and today's prompt is: To write a thank you letter #TuesdayThankfulness 

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