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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Few days back, I just happen to switch from one TV channel to another. While flipping through the channels, one interesting thing caught my attention. That interesting thing then further lead to me to watch the entire program. That program was on CNN IBN with the title 'The Hot Seat' and it was none other with the Most Searched Person on Google for the year 2015 - Sunny Leone.

After viewing the entire interview, I was left disappointed with the way in which the questions were asked. Mind you, the interviewer is a highly experienced and a seasoned journalist who goes by the name Mr. Bhupendra Choubey and I won’t be wrong if I term him misogynist while conducting the interview.

At first, the way in which he introduced to the interviewee with the use of contradicting words such as loved and loathe, curiosity and hatred and as completely opposite of what we perceive as the idea of an Indian women, made me cringe. No! You cannot introduce a person like this, how much ever you feel the person to be controversial. A simple few words praising her journey in Bollywood would have be perfect. But now, what better then to sensationalize it with the use of such words? Right?

Anyways, I thought that as the interview would start and questions would flow, I would get to see some questions on her movies, the projects that interest her; basic questions like favourite actor and actresses whom she would like to work with in future, about her journey in Bollywood and more about her upcoming film Mastizaade. But, but, but... if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. 

So, he started the interview by addressing her with her actual name and went into asking who calls her by that name. Seriously? Why would anybody want to know that?! Have you ever asked Akshay Kumar what's his actual name and who calls him by that name ever? 

Then, he says he 'researched' and read some articles. I thought that would be of her films she has done, but no, I was wrong again. 

Now tell me, if you are interviewing a person, will you straightaway, in the second question itself, ask for a thing that you regret?  You would have probably asked something which will be positive in nature and keep that question at the latter stage of the interview. This is a text book case of how NOT preparing the questionnaire beforehand leads you to. Moreover, to add to it, he further asks categorically, 'what sort of mistakes' to her reply. At this time, he seemed hell bent in bringing her past in, that of a porn star. It was highly disgusting, to say the least.

He continued with his tyranny of asking negative questions which revolved around people not comfortable sharing screen space with her.

By now, the way he was anchoring the ship towards her past and not willing to ask any questions on her present and future in Bollywood was evident. But Sunny stood ground against him and answered each and every question thrown at her with grace. However, he was hell bent in bringing her past to the hot seat.

So he took this maxim of 'when ghee seedhi ungli se na nikle, to ungli teedhi kar lo' seriously. When he couldn't bring Sunny Leone talk about her past as a porn star, he chose to be blunt and direct.

Here are a few of the questions that he asked:

1)  Are you worried that your past as a porn queen will affect, haunt you or continue to pull you back?

2) Is your past, a past?

3) Would you still do what you did?

4) How many people will think of growing up as a porn star?

5) How it did happen? (Yes, he asked this.)

Then there were questions on corrupting Indian mind, morality, politics and politicians view about her and housewives women perceiving her as a threat. Gosh! 

After he felt that he has grilled Sunny by asking such questions and receiving a direct and a straight forward reply, he chose to ask the main question, on her upcoming film. But, only a question. Yeah. Just a question on a film which is releasing this Friday and for which she he is giving an interview; to obviously promote her film. 

At one point of time he even says that, 'when people see Sunny Leone film, people get corrupted.' He continues further, 'I am wondering whether I am getting morally corrupted seating in front of you.' Yes, he had the guts to say this directly on her face. I don't know how would she had felt but she took it at her stride and politely said that if that is the case, she would be pleased to leave.

Again, a deviation here when he asks what kind of movies she will be associated this year. To which she replies that there are three films releasing this year and in one of them she will be seen in a different role. To which he asks, different role like completely dressed and COVERED up. I really fail to understand what was he smoking while conducting this interview. Once she has mentioned clearly about the role, there shouldn't be any need to prod further by choosing such words. 

Thank God, the torture ended finally both for the viewers and for Sunny Leone too. I am pretty happy with the way in which she has handled this television anchor with grace, dignity and for once not even backing off to reply to a single question. Bravo! I guess you have probably won many hearts with this interview.

You can watch the entire interview here...



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